10 years ago, Harbour City created a branding CM with a slogan “How can women be without makeup?” for its beauty kingdom, playing around the pun that “makeup” and “being stubborn” share the same pronunciation in Cantonese. This well-known CM was a great success and left an imprint on people’s minds. 10 years passed. How has our interpretation of “beauty” evolved?

“Looks Aren’t Everything

But It Means Everything to Make Yourself Look Good!”

In 2018, Harbour City has created a new CM with a new slogan, emphasizing the close relationship between women and makeup. In a generation which embraces a diversity of beauty and styles, women can spontaneously discover and create their individual styles. Leveraging the power of beauty, women are empowered with confidence to face every little challenge in their daily lives. Doll yourself up for someone? That’s out. Here comes the new-generation statement: “Love yourself. It’s better to be shocking than boring!”

As the most prodigious beauty kingdom in Hong Kong, Harbour City houses no less than 320 international beauty brands from Europe, US, Japan and Korea etc., including over 200 exclusive brands inside Lane Crawford and FACESSS, the major beauty clusters of the mall in Ocean Terminal; whereas Joyce BEAUTY, LCX and LOG- ON in The Gateway also seek to offer world-renowned brands as well as trendy beauty gadgets which are rarely found in the market, together with the service-oriented health and beauty zone, Vita, to cater to the needs of every beauty addict looking to get gorgeous in a flash.