From grabbing a quick bite to an all-out breaky affair, the most important meal of the day gets us in the grove and rings in the day.

Good For You, Early-risers!

On days that you could spare the time to sit yourself down for a proper breakfast, is it going to be a quintessentially Hong Kong-style one, or a scrumptious plate loaded with Western flavors?

Tai Hing serves up some of our favorite local delights that are just too good to pass up. Seemingly simple yet out-of-this-world hearty, the macaroni soup with ham and a humble scrambled egg on toast is the classic combo. If you crave for something more filling to keep you satisfied well until lunch time, it’s going to be the glutinous rice with chicken fillings in lotus leaf. The rich flavors penetrate into every bite of glutinous rice and the chicken remains succulent. Chase your meal with a cup of Hong Kong-style milk tea. The invigorating elixir is perfect to bring some vitality to your day.

Renowned for the premium shokupan (Japanese milk bread) and the stunning array of artisanal handcrafted jams, the bread specialty store-cafe SAKImoto Bakery has recently revamped its menu. The latest additions include both savory and sweet open sandwiches that are going to leave you wanting more. Slice down the center of the Bacon & Egg Sandwich in Cream Sauce – exclusively available at the Hong Kong store – and watch as the runny yolk flows through. The buttery cream sauce is lifted by the smoky flavor from the bacon and it’s definitely heavenly. Alternatively, the nine-grid marked and toasted shokupan comes with three flavors of jams of your choosing.

If the Japanese bacon & egg sandwich above has left you wanting more, try the omelette with bacon and cheese at Hanlin Tea Room, where the Taiwanese soul food and breakfast staple dan bing (Taiwanese egg crepe) is taken to the next level. The slightly crispy exterior envelopes the savory fillings, and would go so well with the Ching Milk Tea that flies you right to Taipei.

The breakfast options available at Espresso Alchemy range from a freshly made omelette, paninis, big leafy salads, to homemade loaf cakes. Even your crustacean craving is taken care of, here in the form of the Lobster & Avocado All-Day Breakfast. Served with scrambled or sunny-side up eggs, sausages, mushroom, croissant, and of course – avocado and half lobster. Pair the deluxe plate with an exotic Geisha Cascara Tea, which is made of the highly sought-after Geisha coffee fruits.

Running Late? Fret Not!

On days that you’re running late for work, we’ve got you covered too with the grab-and-go options that you can enjoy at your desk.

The unassuming Little Mermaid Hokkaido Milk Bread, available at city’super, is made with bread dough imported directly from Japan. Fluffy-soft and rich in wheat aroma. The elevated breakfast staple is one of the store’s best-sellers, alongside the just as popular Stone-baked Raisin Bread, which goes perfectly with the Kale Avocado Hakataya Soy Milk, or the refreshing Carrot & Orange Juice by RF1 SOZAI.

The wafting aroma of freshly baked goods is just that much more tempting when your stomach is growling. The Grab & Go counter at Da Filippo’s entrance is where you’ll want to snatch up a classic homemade croissant, or a bagel with herbs and tomato sauce to start your day. For those with a sweet-tooth, complete your meal with a Greek Yogurt Fruit & Granto and a Hot Mocha!

Spoil yourself with DALLOYAU’s Morning Paris breakfast set – choose among the stunning array of homemade bakery goodies, such as croissants, Danish, muffins, and scones and pair that with a tea or coffee to indulge in the French flair. Our bet is going to be on that classic, delicate croissant that is filled with crisp-chewy layers of buttery perfection, which is a match made in heaven with an aromatic coffee.

Whether you want to go the full mile and feast on a fully-loaded plate, or opt for something lighter, here at Harbour City is where you’re spoiled with choices to start your day.

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