Get it while it’s hot: Spicy frog and fish head, pickled Chinese cabbage fish and tomato fish

Red-hot Sichuan cuisine has to be one of the most addictive subcategories of Chinese food with its wonderfully spicy, mouth-numbing hot pot that sets everyone’s taste bud on fire.

“HOT No.1” is especially deft with its three signature dishes – spicy frog and fish head, pickled Chinese cabbage fish and tomato fish. For Sichuan hot pot, the place offers a decent selection of dishes and soup bases to satisfy a variety of tastes while staying true to the traditional mala hot pot. A total of four soup bases are on offer namely spicy soup, tomato soup, mushroom soup and pork bone soup.

Pickled Chinese cabbage fish: Fresh, smooth and spicy

This unique dish is an exciting explosion of layers and layer of flavors, from the tanginess of the spices to the zesty pickled cabbage and the soothing pea soup. The freshness of the fish comes through, bringing all the flavors together in an enticing dish that everyone will falls in love with.

Pickled Chinese cabbage fish
Tomato fish

Tomato fish: A break from the spices
The slow-cooked tomato fish is the ideal non-spicy dish with its rich aroma of sweet and sour, whetting everyone’s appetite with the comfort of homemade food.

Chinese hot pot has been known as communal eating at its best and it absolutely brings people together! “HOT No.1” uses traditional recipes for Sichuan mala hot pot, giving customers a luscious – and at times sweaty – culinary experience.


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