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BE@RBRICK TUCK SHOP – First Launch of BE@RBRICK x isee isee Jumbo Ice Pop

05 Jul–05 Aug, 2018

Cool down at the BE@RBRICK TUCK SHOP with a series of Harbour City X BE@RBRICK limited edition premiums, including BE@RBRICK x iSEE iSEE Jumbo Ice Pop, Jumbo Ice Pop Mold, Fresh Juice, Beach Towel and Swim Ring; all premiums will keep you feeling summertime cool even when the temperatures continue to rise.

BE@RBRICK Jumbo Ice Pop

BE@RBRICK first collaborates with handmade ice pop brand ISEE iSEE to launch Jumbo Ice Pop! You can choose ice pop among various fresh fruit flavors shaped as 3D BE@RBRICK head.

Price: HK$60

BE@RBRICK Fresh Juice

Eight different flavours of fresh juice are packaging in bottles with  8 brand new summer-look BE@RBRICKS, which are also collectibles.

Price: HK$40

BE@RBRICK Beach Towel & Swim Ring

BE@RBRICK microfiber feels gentle on your skin. This lightweight towel must be your ideal partner for sports and aquatic activities.

Price: HK$120

With stylish BE@RBRICK swim ring, you’ll become the center of attention at the beach!

Price: HK$120

BE@RBRICK Jumbo Ice Pop Mold

Homemade ice pops are a delicious summer treat that are easy to make! Bring the BE@RBRICK mold home and create your own unique flavors.

Price: HK$150

BE@RBRICK TUCK SHOP – Opening Details

Date5 / 7 – 5 /8 / 2018
Time12pm – 8pm
VenueBE@RBRICK Tuck Shop, Ocean Terminal Deck, Harbour City

*Accept cash only

* Each person can only purchase ten items each day (Except Jumbo Ice Pop
& Fresh Juice)

*Limited quantity on limited edition premiums while stock lasts.