Asian Delights


ANA Ten (OTE 304 | T: 2701 9881)

ANA Ten Lunch Menu
Du Hsiao Yueh

Du Hsiao Yueh (LCX 31 | T: 8300 2001)

Du Hsiao Yueh A La Carte Menu
Du Hsiao Yueh Set Menu
Ebisoba Ichigen

Ebisoba Ichigen (OT G59 | T:3105 1199)

Ebisoba Ichigen Takeaway Menu
Greyhound Cafe

Greyhound Cafe (OT G01 | T: 2383 6600)

Greyhound Cafe Takeaway Menu
Gyu-Kaku Japanese Yakiniku Restaurant

Gyu-Kaku (LCX 37B | T: 2153 1686)

Gyukaku Takeaway Menu

HAKU (OT G04B | T: 2115 9965)

HAKU Takeaway Menu
Hainan Shaoye

Hainan Shaoye (OT G16 | 2110 3533) - 15% Off on Takeaway Menu

Hainan Shaoye Takeaway Menu
Hanlin Tea Room

Hanlin Tea Room (GW 2602 | T: 8300 8216)

Takeaway Bento Menu
Kyoto Ichinoden
Nishimura Restaurant

On-Yasai (LCX 37A | T: 2153 1801)

On Yasai Takeaway Menu
Quan Alley

Quan Alley (OT G57 | T: 3188 2840)

Quan Alley Takeaway Menu

Sen-ryo (GW 2101-2 | T: 2871 2275) - 20% off for sen-ryo members/ 10% off for non-members

Sen-ryo Takeaway Menu
Sen-ryo Takeaway Offer

Seolhamyeok (OT G46, G47A & G48 | T: 2303 0038)

Seolhamyeok Takeaway BBQ Menu
Seolhamyeok Takeaway Menu
鮨とかみ Sushi Tokami

Sushi Tokami (OC 216A | T: 2771 3938) 

Takeaway Michelin-starred Bara Chirashi

The ingredients of Bento are subject to change each day

HK$630 per box (limited to 10 orders per day)
Available for pickup daily from 12-3pm.
Order must be placed one day in advance.
Order can be placed by calling 2771-3938.


Tsuta (GW G111| T: 3188 2748)

Tsuta Takeaway Menu
Tsuta Ramen Menu
Umai SushiKan

Umai SushiKan (OT G04A | T: 2115 9956)

Umai SushiKan Takeaway Special

*Photos are for reference only. Menu prices and menu items are subject to change based on restaurants’ decision without prior notice

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