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SHOUT x NOIZ x YAS – The 1st NFT Art Show in Hong Kong

10–21 Jun, 2021

SHOUT Art Hub & Gallery and NOIZ are pleased to present the 1st NFT art show in Hong Kong. Beginning on May 31st, SHOUT Art Hub & Gallery will be exhibiting 13 sets of NFT arts at their gallery located in Harbour City.

SHOUT Art Hub & Gallery is joining hands with NOIZ in promoting NFT arts to the general public and building a better platform for local artists to launch and promote their NFT art. The 1st NFT project of the two parties is a show that combines physical artworks with NFT technology. 13 sets of artworks created by well-known artists including Matt Gondek, Jerkface, Ron English, and Parra are selected to be showcased at the gallery. Each of them will be paired with an NFT minted by NOIZ, with some being exclusively insured by NFTY, the world’s first NFT microinsurance introduced by YAS Micro Insurance providing theft and loss coverage of the NFT art.

To further promote NFT art, SHOUT have invited Mr. Andy Ann, well-known local technology and digital entrepreneur to give talks on the introduction of NFT and its development. Andy is the co-founder and CEO of NOIZ Chain, YAS Microinsurance, NDN Group. The talk“NFT For Dummies – What’s an NFT?” will be held on 13 June (Sun) and 19 June 2021 (Sat) at 2:30 to 3:30 pm at the Gallery.