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11 May, 2022

BVLGARI proudly presents B.zero1 video 《BE THE ONE · WE DREAM》, starring Anson Lo (@ansonlht, 813K followers) and Edan Lui (@edanlui, 592K followers), the members of the sensational Hong Kong boys group Mirror. Both talents share the value of BVLGARI – courage to face challenges, and achieving their dream with determination and audacity.

Always a step ahead of the times and driven by its spirit of innovation, in 2022 B.zero1 debuts with a reinterpretation of its timeless classic – a metaphor for that powerful momentum toward opportunities, personal growth and positive change. The talented artists recently starring in BVLGARI B.zero1 video 《BE THE ONE · WE DREAM》, with BVLGARI B.zero1 New Classic, showcasing the creativity and innovation of the brand. Created in 1999 to celebrate the future and welcome the year 2000, B.zero1 collection channels the strength that underlies every fresh start even through its name: the “B” stands for BVLGARI, “zero” for the new millennium and the number “1” for new, infinite beginnings. Conjuring Rome’s magnificent Colosseum in its fluid, sculptural and unmistakably architectural forms, the new B.zero1 ring features a sparkling diamond-set wave embracing the distinctive central spiral on both ends. A meaning translated into the icon’s emblematic design: its endless spiral is a reminder that it’s always a good moment to blaze the own trail, because behind every turn there is an opportunity and a “chapter 1” waiting to be written.

Anson and Edan has joined the BVLGARI family as friends of the brand since last year,  they kept moving forward and have extraordinary achievement. The new B.zero1 creation is created to commemorate the wonderful moment in life and tell each of us: dive with fierceness into yourself and give shape to your visions. This year, Anson and Edan start the new chapter of their dream together with BVLGARI B.zero1 New Classic.

Since joining the BVLGARI family last year, I am deeply touched by the spirit and belief of the brand. We share the common attitude – be brave when facing challenges, and achieve our dream with determination and audacity. I look forward to be side by side to everyone that dares to fight for their dream, and who does everything to transform a bold vision into the reality of their own life with B.zero1 New Classic in the near future. Proudly to BE THE ONE and only you.” says Anson Lo.

It was an honour to join the BVLGARI family last year, I am most impressed by the brand’s innovative concept and the pursuit of ultimate aesthetics. This year, with B.zero1 New Classic, I shall facing challenge with courage, confidently work toward to the dream. In pursuing our dream, faith in yourself in necessary. Believing our ability to BE THE ONE and only you.” says Edan Lui.

Anson and Edan pursue their dreams since debut in the reality show King Maker, and gain their reputation with their impressive dance performances and the sincerity that show in their acting. They have faith in themselves and never give up in pursuing their dream. As bold and sincere as the creations of Roma jeweller BVLGARI. The video carries the message from the teaser START FROM ZERO, before the boys group Mirror is formed; they pursued their dreams and encountered obstacles and challenges on their own. After Mirror  formed, they received support from the team to breakthrough and shine. Afterwards, they both go solo, proud to be the BE THE ONE and only Anson & Edan. The gifted two show their talents in the video, Anson dances beautifully, while Edan shows his superb musical aptitude by performing violin. To achieve the great success, they never give up on pursuing their dreams, giving a perfect demonstration of the philosophy of BVLGARI that emphasizes the fearless and persevering spirit.

With B.zero1 New Classic, to be side by side to anyone who dares to dream, and who does everything to transform a bold vision into the reality of their own life. Proudly to BE THE ONE and only you.

359292/ BVLGARI B.zero1 New Classic pendent necklace in rose gold with demi-pavé diamonds.
358350/ BVLGARI B.zero1 Rock pendant necklace in rose gold with black ceramic.
348036/ BVLGARI B.zero1 earrings in rose gold with pavé diamonds.
359710/ BVLGARI B.zero1 New classic three-band ring in white gold with demi-pavé diamonds.
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