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If you strive for life’s magical essence, every moment can be full of wonder. Joyful, feminine and naturally refined, the BVLGARI Divas’ Dream collection invites you to pursue in the never-ending search for beauty with spontaneity and excitement.

Faithful to the fan-shaped design deeply rooted in Rome’s unique creative heritage, new creations enrich the iconic jewellery collection in 2022, each one more joyful and brighter than the next.

The new interpretations of the aesthetic signature magnify the spontaneous elegance and vibrant flair of opaque stones through the precious radiance of a delicate diamond frame. In a beautiful interplay of different textures and levels of brightness, the artfully cut gemstone insert, shines with all its natural sophistication at the heart of the sleek and fine design.

Coming both in a mother-of-pearl version, for a more delicate feel, as well as in a charismatic malachite variation, the 2022 novelties include a refined pendant necklace, an alluring contraire ring, versatile stud earrings and a delicate bracelet enriched with an openwork fan-shaped element – all in 18 kt rose gold with pavé diamonds. Furthermore, three different interpretations of the iconic signature shine in a new necklace featuring three fan shaped elements – one openworked, one fully set with diamonds and one matching a mother-of-pearl insert with diamonds accents – elegantly cascading over the neckline. An invitation to play with its double chain that passes through the central fan-shaped frame, the necklace enriches the collection with a new wearability as well as with an original and creative design.

Modern and versatile, elegant while being perfect for any occasion, the new BVLGARI Divas’ Dream creations represent a joyful celebration of contemporary femininity through iconic design and the fascinating beauty of opaque stones.

An enchanting display of BVLGARI’s unrivalled mastery with vibrant stones, in the realm of High Jewellery the BVLGARI Divas’ Dream creations bring to life the exciting nuances, rich textures and spellbinding emotions of the most beautiful gems of nature. First artfully cut to fit the pendant’s intricate design, every single stone inlay is then masterfully mounted using the prestigious marquetery technique deeply rooted in Rome’s heritage.

Among them, the BVLGARI Divas’ Dream High Jewellery 18 kt rose gold necklace with 21 round fancy shaped spinels, totalizing 17,13 ct, represents a true ode to contemporary femininity. Its sensual combination of different shades of pink, enriched by the precious touch of rubies, culminates with a show-stopping 11,93 ct pear-shaped spinel framed by diamond petals and exquisite gemstone inlays.

Drawing inspiration from BVLGARI’s creative heritage, a series of BVLGARI Divas’ Dream High Jewellery necklaces celebrates nature through vibrant gemstone inlays and joyful chromatic mixes. From mandarin garnet to rubellite, through tanzanite, citrine, tourmaline and amethyst, a sensuous cabochon cut gemstone rises from the fan-shaped pendant, framed by amethyst, chrysoprase, turquoise, coral and pink opal leaves – depending on the different gemstone combinations. In the wake of BVLGARI’s long tradition in the field of flamboyant sautoirs and convertible jewellery, part of the chain can be detached to become a bracelet, while the necklace can be worn in two different lengths.

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