Alright, kids. It’s that time of year again when we celebrate the special moms in our lives (but really, shouldn’t that be everyday?) In any case, whether we’re treating our mommies, grandmas or wives this Mother’s Day, we’ve got a lineup of delicious desserts, sweet treats and special menus that are sure to warm her heart and put a smile on her face that’ll last the rest of the year.

Cakes That’ll Make Her Day

Dang Wen Li by Dominique Ansel kicks off our list with two special desserts, a Raspberry & Rose Cake and Strawberry Chocolate Truffle. The vibrant cake is made with vanilla ganache enveloping layers of honey sponge cake, homemade raspberry and rose jelly, and crunchy pistachio feuilletine, while the truffle is a decadent combination of Valrhona white chocolate and French strawberry purée wrapped in Valrhona strawberry chocolate.

For something a bit on the lighter side, Dalloyau presents its rosy Mama’s Strawberry Cake. This white chiffon cake features fresh strawberries, light cream and vanilla mousse. And if she’s not a huge fan of fruit flavors? The appropriately named and gorgeously coloured Dearest Mom “Taro Coconut Chiffon Cake” from La Famille is made with fragrant Taiwanese Taro and fresh Thai coconut.

And last but not least is Lady M, known for their signature Mille Crêpes Cake. This year’s celebration emphasizes floral aromas and a delicate sweetness. Their Osmanthus Mille Crêpes contains twenty handmade crêpes with each ultra-thin layer filled with osmanthus-infused pastry cream. Topping it all off is osmanthus jelly and dried osmanthus flowers for a refreshing taste of spring.

Sweets Made with Love

And if you’re looking for a perfect way for her to enjoy long after the holiday, confection boutique Sugarfina® pays tribute to moms everywhere with a special collection of three gifts. This time, its iconic Small Cubes filled with vintage artisan hard candies come in a choice of Italian rosewater or Whispering Angel Rosé flavours. For those who want to thank mom for all those lunches she packed us growing up, the Floral Candy Bento Box lets you customize your present by filling a lovely floral gold-framed box with a choice of her three favourite candies.

Wining and Dining Our Ladies of the Year

COVA’s special Mother’s Day menu features a stunning four-course offering that includes an antipasti platter and a wide selection of mains that include a wagyu ragout Rigatoni, a half lobster with spaghetti, or Black angus sirloin with foie gras and truffle sauce. Nishimura Japanese Restaurant likewise promises ten mouthwatering courses that include a sashimi platter, clam tempura, grilled lobster and Miyazaki steak.

For those who love to dine al fresco, House of Jasmine and our new Harbourside Grill  • Bar • Terrace offer spacious outdoor dining areas. House of Jasmine serves up a crowd pleasing four-person dinner that includes roast suckling piglet, creamy braised yee mien with lobster and many other traditional delights. Guests preferring a Western take on surf and turf can enjoy their meal at Harbourside Grill, which is offering a complementary and refreshing Mother’s Day “Emerald” cocktail made with vodka, lemon, basil, lychee and prosecco.

And there you have it, three ways to treat the special women in our lives to a very special day. Whether you’re enjoying something sweet or savoury together, we hope this Mother’s Day is as memorable for you and your family as it is delicious!

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