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Lao Hei Lao Hei! Have a Grateful and a Smooth Year of DOG!

15 Feb, 2018

“Lao Hei” is a traditional and one of the must have dishes for Lunar New Year. The most important reason that make “Lao Hei” to become so popular in recent years is because Chinese people care about the auspiciousness during the celebration of Lunar New Year. The ingredients of “Lao Hei” including Salmon (pronounce “Yu” in Cantonese) which metaphor for “Nian nian youyu”  (Prosperity through the years) and the colorful mixture of Lettuce, Celery, Carrots, peanut & etc., metaphor the colorful and wonderful year ahead.

Say some good words and have an amazing year ahead!

The traditional way to enjoy “Lao Hei” is mix all the ingredients with the chopsticks, and once you put one ingredient you have to say some good words to wish your friends and family a great year ahead.

Hainan Shaoye – Shaoye Lo Hei
Salmon from Norway with 20 colorful ingredients from Singapore

House of Jasmine – Come LO!
Salmon and 10 ingredients with abalone.

HEXA – Feng Seng Shui Hei
Salmon with Assorted Salad

Prince Hotel add@Prince – Salmon Lao Hei

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