“An authentic heart who sees the beauty in the ordinary.”

Miller Harris was founded by ground-breaking perfumer Lyn Harris in 2000. A storyteller in scent, Lyn was one of the first female master perfumers.

“Stories with soul and substance.”

The aesthetic of her perfumes was inspired by stories, memories and the very finest natural ingredients. The iconic line drawings of botanicals which decorated box and bottle reflected a pared back, minimal but ultimately contemporary approach, genuinely representing the dynamic of nature and the urban co-existing, the fragrances told stories which couldn’t be told in words, the coloured boxes expressing their contents succinctly and with integrity.

Following hugely successful and innovative store openings in iconic London locations, luxury perfumer Miller Harris have chosen Hong Kong as first international store to unveil their latest retail experience.

Miller Harris are famous for creating experiences for their community of customers which transcend traditional retail, immersing them in multi-sensory descriptions of fragrance which have more depth and meaning than their peers. Perfume is an experience, almost indescribable in words and we seek to create worlds which illustrate feeling.

Stores which tell Stories…

Each Miller Harris store features a “Muse”; inspiration which creates a unique atmosphere.

In London there are The Poet, The Botanist and The Artist as store personalities. These muses inspire multi-sensory installations which bring each fragrance to life in unexpected and creative ways.

Taking “The Fashionista” as its muse, the Hong Kong store opens on July 27th at Gateway Arcade, Harbour City.

The Fashionista is an ever changing, forward looking and energetic inspiration. This latest store concept expresses that idea in completely new and unexpected ways.

Designed by Internationally renowned Fabled Studios, the store describes contrast through scented displays of neon coloured flowers, encased like amber in Perspex boxes, resins and synthetically recreated natural materials sit beside marble and illustrated references to our home city; London. As a contemporary and technologically innovative brand, we feature a digital wall display which is juxtaposed against the craft of a hand painted denim wall.

Illustrating the high ambitions of couture and of The Fashionista, we have commissioned embroidered displays, bright neon colours embellishing denim and fashion illustrations across the walls.

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