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18 Nov, 2022

P.A.M. and PUMA come together this season to create a collection blurring the lines between streetwear and outdoor clothing, within a larger, multifaceted project – the PAM/PUMA BIO/VERSE – aiming to reconnect with the concepts of nature and community.

Established in the year 2000 by Misha Hollenbach and Shauna Toohey, P.A.M. – short for Perks and Mini – is Melbourne-born and Paris-based since 2015. The brand has a multi-disciplinary approach blending fashion, graphic design, art, music and nightlife and has earned a cult following for its fun, carefree, colourful clothes.


Taking the wearer from the convenience store to the hiking trail, the first-ever PUMA x P.A.M. collection features simple yet adventurous silhouettes with bold graphics and all-over prints with a psychedelic edge. Its texture and colour-rich concept is inspired by the South American Yareta, a blobby, velvety cushion plant. “We wanted to make clothes that are comfortable for a seamless transition between the city and the wild, linking both of them”, says Misha Hollenbach.

“From the start, we saw this project as an opportunity to make something together that could go beyond fashion, and the PUMA team was instantly supportive. So, as part of the PAM/PUMA BIO/VERSE, we suggested created a project that worked to protect threatened wild places on the

planet; the same kind of places that inspired the collection”, adds Shauna Toohey.


The BIO/VERSE uniquely commits to real-world environmental impact through a partnership with DEEP. Through the DEEP BioDATA Platform, the project supports the installation of biodiversity monitoring technology in one of the world’s last remaining wild places – the Jurua River region of the Western Brazilian Amazon. Cloud-connected audio sensors use Machine Learning to process live sonics from the project site, providing never-before-seen insight into keystone species, animal group behavior, insect density, primate community dynamics, migration patterns, change over time, and much more. This data is fed into local and scientific communities to enhance research, understand ecosystem dynamics, propell and direct conservation efforts, and stop illegal activity in these most beautiful and vulnerable ecosystems. DEEP works with onground partner Instituto Jurua, and technology partner Rainforest Connection to achieve these visionary impact outcomes.


Spanning 20 different styles, the collection includes elevated basics such as fleece jackets and sweaters, cargo trousers, T-shirts, polo shirts, hoodies, and puffer jackets – all made with at least 20% recycled materials. The palette is nature-inspired and dominated by rich purple, lavender, green and copper tones. Shoes comprise classic sneakers, trail-running shoes and clogs. On the minimal side, accessories – a bucket hat and cap, a trail backpack and a bottle bag set – highlight functionality.

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