When it comes to SAKImoto Bakery, you can never forget their signature Japanese Shokupan. Recently, SAKImoto Bakery has launched various surprising new items and combinations, including All Day Breakfast, Maritozzo, Japanese Style Sandwiches and Pasta, to satisfy your taste buds all the times!

For the All Day Breakfast, you can choose the baked signature Gokunama Milk Butter Shokupan with your choice of jewel jam. Together with the Hokkaido 3.6 Milk scrambled eggs and garden salad, definitely a good way to start your busy day! The All Day Breakfast offers 3 styles, including Roast Beef, Smoked Salmon and Teriyaki Chicken.

For people who like light dessert, Maritozzo would be your favorite! A romantic sweet from Italy presents in a lovely style, the signature Gokunama Milk Butter Shokupan is filled with french fresh cream and premium ingredients. There are 4 flavors, including Plain Fresh Cream, Strawberry, Pistachio and Matcha. When you try it, the soft and fluffy texture melts in your mouth!


Sandwich lovers rejoice! SAKImoto Bakery has launched a series of Original Sandwich with well selected high-quality ingredients being used. There are many flavors including Soft-Boiled Egg with Egg Salad and Tamogoyaki, Smoked Salmon and Avocado, Roasted Beef, Terriyaki Chicken, Garden, and the newly launched Smoked Pulled Pork and Eel Tamogoyaki. The Original Sandwich is also available for takeaway, you can easily taste it at any time you crave it!

SAKImoto Bakery also provides Japanese open sandwiches for dine-in! It pairs perfectly with a selection of four soups to be served in the rustic, yet cozy store.What sets the sandwiches apart from their classic counterparts is the oh-so-tempting ingredients that are elegantly lined on the fluffy bread. The sandwiches are definitely as aesthetically pleasing as they are delicious.

Using the much-loved Gokunama Milk Butter Shokupan as the base, which boasts an egg- and milk-free formula filled with wheat flavors, is a refined compliment to the toppings loaded on top. The freshly made sandwiches all have an irresistible soft crust to them. The anchovy butter is wedged in between the bread and toppings to ensure they adhere well while providing a smooth texture to the overall mouthfeel.

The two varieties of Japanese open sandwiches available at SAKImoto Bakery include the Margherita and Bacon & Egg in Cream Sauce – which is exclusively available at the Hong Kong store. Served on a square wooden tray drizzled with different sauces, the sandwiches alongside the soup selections are both tantalizing and picture-worthy!


For those who are after the appetite-whetting tang of tomatoes, the Margherita sandwich is a must-try. Cherry tomatoes and dried tomatoes are first lined on the light layer of tomato sauce, then interspersed with dollops of mozzarella cheese, for a balanced touch. When paired with the salad dressing and olive oil – both go well with the veggies, every bite transports you to a botanical garden.

Bacon & Egg in Cream Sauce

The bacon is first rendered in the cream sauce in a skillet to release the rich flavors into the sauce. A schmear of anchovy butter is then spread on the Gokunama Milk Butter Shokupan before it’s sent to the oven. The savory touch from the butter goes hand in hand with the smoky flavors of bacon. A farm-fresh egg is carefully cracked on top before the sandwich is toasted for the second time. Marvel at how the egg yolk runs through as you slice through the sandwich as a compelling touch to elevate the experience.

The SAKImoto Bakery Pasta Plate serves with the pasta and baked signature Gokunama Milk Butter Shokupan, the set includes your choice of jewel jam, garden salad and a drink. 2 styles of Pasta Plate includes Pasta Plate Chief’s Special Meat Sauce, an Italian-style meat sauce paired with tomato and cheese powder; and the Pasta Plate Rich & Creamy Carbonara, well selected eggs from Japan, the creamy egg yolk matched with the mushroom and minced bacon which create a rich creamy texture.

New Take-out Breakfast Choices 

Mini Gokunama Milk Butter with Smoked Ham & Scrambled Eggs:

Seasoning with black pepper and herb on top of the Hokkaido 3.6 milk scrambled eggs, it forms a classic, perfect combination with the smoked ham. By pairing with the soft and chewy Gokunama Milk Butter, it must bring you a wonderful breakfast time.

Toast with Butter Cream:

The spread of butter cream sauce create a pleasing layer on top of the Shokupan with a crispy texture after baked. The fragrance carry a strong and rich butter cream flavor with every taste.

Toast with Cheese & Ham:

The salty taste from the ham with some melted cheese bring you a finest combination with our Shokupan. Every bite of the baked toast offer a rich taste and hence makes you a wonderful morning.

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