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SHOUT Art Hub & Gallery Presents:
《I miss us》by Vivian Ho Solo Exhibition

20 Dec, 2022

SHOUT Art Hub & Gallery is pleased to present Hong Kong artist Vivian Ho’s solo exhibition 《I MISS US》from 16 December 2022 to 12 January 2023 at SHOUT Gallery Harbour City, featuring 22 pieces of unseen works from Vivian Ho.

Vivian Ho has created an immersive utopia throughout her artistic journey. She draws inspiration from Hong Kong cultures that she grew up with to bring audiences into her very own universe. After graduating from Wesleyan University with High Honours in Painting, she has been illustrating the world filled with fantastical sceneries of a hybrid between cities and nature. She tastefully creates sensory images that redefine aesthetics and challenges cultural values as she takes us on a visual ride.

The exhibition is Vivian’s venture to explore what “home” is. Home is where one feels in control and properly oriented in space and time. It is not just a place but a kind of loyalty. This loyalty, as Vivian sees it, is almost like a love relationship. When home is no longer predictable and secure, it is like the love relationship going sour.

The 22 illustration works reminisce the sparks and joys in a gone era. An era familiar yet far. The artist knows maybe there is no fixing in this failing relationship, but she’s not ready to let go.

“I miss us more than the ever-growing distance between us.”

About Vivian Ho

Born and bred in Hong kong, Vivian graduated high honors from Wesleyan University and has been active in the Art and Design scene ever since. Vivian creates an otherworldly utopia that preserves Hong Kong’s city dynamics, while offering the chance to see our future and to reminisce about the past. Her works are currently collected by M+ Museum, the Valmont Foundation, Nishiji Collection and Copelouzos Family Art Museum.

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