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UNIQLO announces the launch of the +J Fall/Winter 2021 collection in stores and online starting November 11*. More than a collaboration, UNIQLO UNIQLO’s deep relationship with legendary designer Jil Sander began in 2009 and marked the bran dd’s very first connection to high fashion. +J Fall/Winter 2021 is a special collection that marks the end of Chapter 2.

Chapter 1 began 12 years ago and includes the series of +J collections from 2009 2011. Chapter 2 includes the recent Fall /Winter 2020, Spring /Summer 2021 and now, Fall /Winter 2021 range.

As our world prepares for a new beginning, the mood is sober, yet hopeful. For Fall/Winter 2021, +J further develops its signature understatement and quiet distinction. Sophisticated tailoring meets high quality materials to create a modern interpretation of indispensable pieces infused with new ways of functionality.

Generous volumes, substantial fabrics. Attractive proportions and iconic shapes are sculpted into new silhouettes. +J J’s idea of the global modern uniform inspires personal dignity and an energized, confident performance as were emerge into public life.


Commenting on the latest collection, Ms. Sander says, This winter winter’s collection concentrates on distinctive silhouettes, sensual textures and luxurious tailoring which respond to our new sense of comfort: Sophistication for everyone. We return to social life, but we want to feel protected. The collection explores new oversize silhouettes with a controlled fit and variations of substantial winter classics. 


The Fall/Winter 2021 +J collection features modern reinterpretations of winter classics.

Basic items are lifted to another level and reworked in a more luxurious way. Visual whites and variations of red are energy pools in a subdued palette of black, navy, graphite, khaki, and caramel. Crafted from polyester satin, cashmere, extra fine merino, tactile leather and habutai silk, this season season’s collection wraps us in comfort and a n attractive , contemporary


+J is the collaboration between UNIQLO and legendary designer Jil Sander. Eleven years after the first collection, +J returned in the Fall/Winter 2020 season to much excitement. Inspired by a sense of sophisticated understatement, +J consists of modern, versatile essentials for women and men.

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