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Busy lifestyles can lead to stress and impact sleeping quality, causing signs of fatigue such as dullness and dark circles to be shown. To wake up looking gorgeous, grab your “sleeping allies”—from skincare, fragrance to bedding products, be prepared to enjoy a moment of bedtime pleasure. Sweet Dream!

The delicate eye contour is always the first to reveal signs of fatigue. While the exquisite The Eye Concentrate from La Mer comes with a massage wand to sweep away dark circles and puffiness, Estee Lauder’s Advanced Night Repair Eye Supercharged Complex Synchronized Recovery helps combat the effects of blue light to recover a youthful gaze. Don’t forget to enjoy a detox therapy with Cha Ling’s Relieving Eye Mask too. This weekend feast will help reveal rejuvenated and visibly younger eyes in just 10 minutes.

La Mer
Estee Lauder
Cha Ling

The skin is more receptive while you sleep so it’s time to treat it with intense nourishment. Lotus Youth Preserve Dream Face Cream by fresh is an overnight antioxidant moisturizer to help your skin recover from the day. Laneige’s Time Freeze Firming Sleeping helps firm and lift the contour by boosting the collagen network in dermis. A fuzz free solution to ensure you can enjoy life more.


Apart from skincare, there’s always more you can do to improve your sleeping quality. WelleCo’s THE SUPER ELIXIR™ Sleep Welle Fortified Calming Tea from Lane Crawford and Muji’s caffeine-free organic herb tea are natural remedies to improve sleep quality,

Lane Crawford

while the floral fragrance from Zara Home helps calm senses and soothe nerves. Slip™ Pure Silk Pillowcase from Joyce Beauty is not only smooth and comfortable, but also absorbs significantly less face cream when compared to cotton pillowcases to ensure your skincare works at its best!

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