Chinese Cuisines

China Tang

China Tang (GW 4101 | T: 2157 3148)

China Tang Takeaway Menu
Crystal Jade La Mian Xiao Long Bao

1)    Bento offer from $48 (menu rotate every Wednesday, available on Mon – Fri)

2)    Takeaway Set Menu for 1 person at $58up  (available every day)

3)    25% off on a la carte menu (available before 5:30pm every day)

4)    Special Takeaway Menu, order 4 items for 30% discount (available after 6:00pm from 1/8)

Crystal Jade La Mian Xiao Long Bao (GW 3328 | T: 2622 2699)

Crystal Jade Takeaway Menu
dim sum bar

dim sum bar (GW G103 | T: 2175 3100)

dim sum bar Takeaway Menu
Duck Victoria

Duck Victoria (GW 3319 | T: 2347 6898)

Duck Victoria Takeaway Menu

Fu Rong (OTE 201 | 2388 2008)

Fu Rong Takeaway Menu

GāGǐNāng (OT 310 | T: 2116 9068)

GāGǐNāng Takeaway Menu

HEXA (OTE101 | T: 2577 1668)

HEXA Takeaway Menu
Xihe Ya Yuan Beijing Duck Restaurant

Xihe Ya Yuan (OTE 203 | T: 2157 3128)

Xihe Ya Yuan Takeaway Menu

*Photos are for reference only. Menu prices and menu items are subject to change based on restaurants’ decision without prior notice

Free Parking Before 5PM

Order Takeaway to Enjoy Free Parking After 5PM