Asian Delights


ANA Ten (OTE 304 | T: 2701 9881)

ANA Ten Lunch Menu
Du Hsiao Yueh

Du Hsiao Yueh (LCX 31 | T: 8300 2001)

Du Hsiao Yueh Takeaway Menu
Ebisoba Ichigen

Ebisoba Ichigen (OT G59 | T:3105 1199)

Ebisoba Ichigen Takeaway Menu
Greyhound Cafe

Selected Takeaway Dishes up to 50% Off and 20% Off A La Carte Menu

Greyhound Cafe (OT G01 | T: 2383 6600)

Greyhound Cafe Takeaway Menu
Gyu-Kaku Japanese Yakiniku Restaurant

Gyu-Kaku (LCX 37B | T: 2153 1686)

Gyukaku Takeaway Menu

HAKU (OT G04B | T: 2115 9965)

HAKU Takeaway Menu
Hainan Shaoye

Hainan Shaoye (OT G16 | 2110 3533) - 15% Off on Takeaway Menu

Hainan Shaoye Takeaway Menu
Kyoto Ichinoden
Nishimura Restaurant

Nishimura Restaurant (HH 602 | T: 2735 6899)

Nishimura Restaurant Takeaway Menu
Quan Alley

Quan Alley (OT G57 | T: 3188 2840)

Quan Alley Takeaway Menu

Sen-ryo (GW 2101-2 | T: 2871 2275) - 40% off for sen-ryo members/ 35% off for non-members

Sen-ryo Takeaway Menu

Tsuta (GW G111| T: 3188 2748)

Tsuta Takeaway Menu
Tsuta Ramen Menu
Umai SushiKan

Umai SushiKan (OT G04A | T: 2115 9956)

Umai SushiKan Takeaway Special

*Photos are for reference only. Menu prices and menu items are subject to change based on restaurants’ decision without prior notice

Free Parking Before 5PM

Order Takeaway to Enjoy Free Parking After 5PM