Deli & Confectionery

Café&Meal MUJI (OC 407, 415-9 | T: 3971 3220)

Takeaway Menu

From now until 31 Dec 2020, customer may enjoy “10% off on Self-pickup Takeaway Orders“ at Café&Meal MUJI.


CAFÉ @ OFF-WHITE (GW G301 | 2705 9340)

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city'super FusionDeli

city'super FusionDeli (GW 3001)


DALLOYAU (GW 3220 | T: 3185 8330)

DALLOYAU Takeaway Menu
J.S. Foodies

J.S. Foodies (GW 2608 | 2421 7478)

J.S. Foodies Takeaway Menu
Mellow Brown Coffee by UCC
Ralph's Coffee

Ralph's Coffee (OT 313 | T: 2376 3936)

Ralph's Coffee Takeaway Menu
sensory ZERO

sensory ZERO (G/F, Lane Crawford | T: 2118 6090)

sensory ZERO Main Menu
sensory ZERO Combo
sweets house Cha Cha @ city'super

sweets house Cha Cha (GW 3001 | T: 2270 9803)

sweets house Cha Cha Takeaway Menu
Tai Hing

Tai Hing (GW 4002 | T: 2268 0702)

Tai Hing Takeaway Menu
More restaurants offer takeaway services by on-site order:
Hachiban Menkoubou
Honeymoon Dessert
Yifang Taiwan Fruit Tea
Lee Fa Yuen
May's Court
Dang Wen Li by Dominique Ansel

Dang Wen Li by Dominique Ansel (OT G63 | T: 2613 8618)

Dang Wen Li by Dominique Ansel Takeaway Menu
Takeaway Set
Green Common

Green Common (OT G61 | T: 3102 1220)

Green Common Takeaway Menu
La Famille

La Famille (OC L2 Kiosk 5 | T: 3758 2631)

La Famille Cake Menu
La Famille Beverage Menu
Lady M

Lady M (OT 215K | T: 2873 2356)

Lady M Takeaway Menu
Starbucks Coffee

Starbucks Coffee (OC 406 / GW 2402K / LCX 21E)

Starbucks Takeaway Menu

*Photos are for reference only. Menu prices and menu items are subject to change based on restaurants’ decision without prior notice

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