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A light spritz of fragrance does wonders. It envelops you all day with a sense of elegance, but more importantly, it speaks volumes about your personality. If you’re on a hunt to branch out your fragrance collection from mainstream labels to niche, luxury brands, we’re here to unearth the hidden gems to save you from trips around town and the guesswork of online shopping.

All housed under one roof at Harbour City, here are some of our favorite niche luxury fragrance brands and their most iconic scents that you wouldn’t want to miss out:

1. Inherited from the Hennessy: KILIAN PARIS

Founded by Kilian Hennessy in 2007, the cognac empire heir extends his olfactory expertise from the family heritage to the realm of perfume.

KILIAN PARIS stays true to its French roots and the fine liquors-making family heritage with a menu of fragrances within four collections – The Fresh, The Narcotics, The Cellars, and The Smokes. Each scent is inspired by the cognac cellars from the founder’s childhood memories, in the pursuit of ultimate luxury.

Housed in an elegant bottle with classy sculpting details on both sides of the bottle, Good girl gone Bad celebrates femininity through a light whirlwind of petals. The opening notes of roses and orange blossoms leads to an enigmatic blend of Indian Tuberose, Egytian Jasmine Sambac, and French Narcissus.

2. Royals’ Favourite: Penhaligon’s

The house of Penhaligon’s was founded in 1870 by William Penhaligon, a humble Cornish barber who later rose to the Royal Court. Since the original Hamman Bouquet debuted in 1872, the British perfume house has launched a vast lineup of captivating scents, including Lord George from the Portraits collection.

It is a scent dedicated to those who are fond of the clean scent of shaving soap clubbed with the warmth of rum. The brandy note lies at the core of the masculine scent. It gently develops into the heart accords of wooden and amber. The slight sweetness at the end, coming from the Tonka bean note tempers the heady mix and finishes the quintessentially British scent brilliantly.

The exquisite bottle design also features a gold-toned stag head, mimicking the taxidermy art, to highlight the prestigious connotation of the perfume.

3. To the Younger Generation: Miller Harris

Another gem hailing from the UK, Miller Harris is an up-and-coming to watch! Founded by perfumer Lyn Harris in 2000, the Miller Harris World is filled with storied creations that are both all-encompassing and inclusive.

Tea Tonique, one of the best-sellers of Miller Harris, pays tribute to the British heritage with whiffs of airy notes. Start off with the head notes of Bergamot Italy, Petit grain, and lemon, and eventually graduate to a blend of smokey tea and a subtle hint of nutmeg, the earthy notes are completed with facets of birch in the end, giving out a sense of country charm.

4. The Italian Classic: Acqua di Parma

Italy’s sunny sophistication and easy elegance are the inspirations behind Acqua di Parma. Founded by Baron Carlo Magnani in 1916, on his expedition across Paris, London, and New York, Acqua di Parma is named after his beloved hometown Parma.

First created as Magnani’s personal cologne, the iconic Colonia is filled with nostalgic sentiments he had for his hometown. The first-ever perfume now remains in the perfume house’s collection as the exemplification of ultimate Italian savoir-faire.

The citrus indulgence begins with the top notes of lemon, sweet orange, and bergamot, balanced by such floral hints of lavender and rose. It’s not the least bit too sweet yet it’s an absolutely dreamy creation.

5. Modern Swedish Scent: BYREDO

Established in 2006, by the young and ambitious fine art enthusiast Ben Gorham with an ambition to translate memories and emotions into products and experiences, BYREDO is all about melding artistic visions with Swedish luxury.

Bal d’Afrique by BYREDO takes inspiration from the African cultural jaunts taken by Gorham’s father. Gorham reimagines the vivid exotic influences through soothing swirls of powdery and woody blend, thanks to the pronounced base notes of Moroccan cedarwood and vetiver.

All housed under one roof at Harbour City, each of these heavenly scents is going to make your besties wonder what exactly it is that you’re wearing. Many of the perfume houses also put out ancillaries such as body lotion and roller-ball versions from the same range. So if you feel like revealing your little secret to smell good all day, those would totally delight your friends too, until they find their new signature scent!

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