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Gateway Arcade
L2 2346-7

RIMOWA is a global leader in premium luggage. Since 1898, it has placed quality and innovation at its core to create functional tools for a lifetime of movement. Designed and engineered in Germany, RIMOWA combines a legacy of craftsmanship with the rigours of modern technology.

Pizza Maru
Ocean Terminal
L3 LCX 34

Pizza Maru offers signature handmade Korean pizza, Korean fried chicken, fusion pasta and risotto, and Korean craft beers.


Azure 80
Ocean Terminal
L2 OTE 201

A joint force of passionate culinary team led by Executive chef Andy Lau, with passion for food and exceptional cooking abilities, presents you exquisite Shanghai and Sichuan cuisines that will make a lasting impression.

With a stunning view of Victoria Harbor and an elegant outdoor terrace, Azure 80 is the ideal place to connect and share extraordinary moments together.

Gateway Arcade
L3 3224A

XOVĒ, the Latin word which means “Youth”, is a white truffle-derived premium skincare brand brought into the Asian market by Mrs. Gigi Ma. It all began with the white truffles buried deep beneath the pristine forest, which were then transformed by top-class researchers in Switzerland with advanced technologies. The result is our iconic and exclusive ingredient “W-TruComplex®” that flows through all XOVĒ products in the pursuit of rejuvenating and revitalizing skin perfectly, unlocking the secrets of eternal youth.

Ocean Terminal
G OT G07

Founded in 2019, RAZE is a holistic lifestyle brand that focuses on physical and emotional well-being. With expertise in innovative technology, the brand aims to create premium wellness essentials with unexpected affordability.

Inspired by mother nature and using only the finest quality of ingredients, RAZE has curated a lifestyle collection that is not only highly functional, but also captivating and sensational. From natural skincare, home care to home fragrance and more, RAZE invites you to join us on this journey to elevate your everyday life and transform your daily routines to rituals.

Ohayo by Ocio
Ocean Terminal

Ohayo’ is derived from the Japanese word ‘おはよう’, which is used as a greeting. The store mainly provides light food, desserts and coffee and tea. “Good Food, Good Mood.” We hope that every guest who comes to dine can also start a brand new day with some good food.

Ocean Centre
L4 412

The multi-cuisine concept restaurant “KEW+,” is inspired by the iconic “Kew Royal Botanical Garden” in the United Kingdom, KEW+’s interior design and food concept are created based on the theme of flora and fauna, in creating a cozy and inviting atmosphere. At KEW+, one can simultaneously indulge in delectable cuisine while immersing themselves in the beauty of nature, offering a truly exceptional sensory experience.

Genic Skin Medical – COLLAWHITE
Vita- World Commerce Centre
L7 710-711

GENIC SKIN MEDICAL – COLLAWHITE medical beauty center has been established as the first full-body anti-aging, brightening, and whitening pioneer in Hong Kong. It has always adhered to our three principles of “unique natural beauty,” “perfection,” and “never hard sell”. We provide customers with a wide range of medical beauty services and skincare products led by our highly experienced doctors, who use world-class medical aesthetic technologies and our aesthetic sense to create personalized medical aesthetic and beauty solutions for every customer. Our aim is to effectively help customers improve various skin conditions and unveil their unique beauty.