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A coffee a day, keeps the fatigue away?

More than a cup of energy drink, coffee is an art that reflects a taste of life. With a great variety of origins, roasting techniques and brewing methods, there’s nothing more enjoyable than exploring this boundless world of coffee.

Exceptional quality always starts with excellent raw materials. Sensory ZERO’s Q-grader team sources specialty coffee from exotic coffee growing regions and farms, while The Coffee Academics sources only the top 5% of specialty Arabica coffee directly from over 50 independent farms globally, offering customers the privilege to enjoy a range of niche, yet high quality coffee.

Light roast coffee has become a fave among women thanks to their floral aroma. DALLOAYAU features a special blend of the Arabica beans featuring delicate yet complex flavours with a red berry aroma, a mellow chocolaty aftertaste. The signature coffee blends of Reserva Ibérica also reveals a chocolatey and nutty balanced note with delicate floral and fruity aroma.

On a hectic day, a glass of cold brew coffee by Mellow Brown by UCC will melt your heart with its delicate foam, smooth taste and rich aroma. No more extra caffeine? Ralph’s Organic Decaf Espresso Blend is decaffeinated using the all-natural Mountain Water Process to give it a creamy and balanced taste.

A Coffee A Day @ Harbour City

A Coffee A Day @ Harbour City

From 23 Sept to 20 Oct, 2019, customers can get one stamp upon every coffee purchase at participating F&B outlets at Harbour City. Customers should register online as Harbour Cityzen and collect 5 stamps at 5 different participating outlets to redeem a complimentary gift. Details

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