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AMOREPACIFIC Reinvented into Prestigious Medical Skincare Brand AP BEAUTY

17 Apr, 2024

AMOREPACIFIC proudly unveils its reinvention as AP BEAUTY (AP), a new exquisite high-end medical skincare brand. AP, representing the Apex of Skincare, stands as a pioneer of innovative scientific skincare, spearheading advancements in skin science. AP transcends the confines of traditional skincare to deliver unprecedented top-tier medical skin rejuvenation solutions. AP Beauty has officially opened the first flagship store at Gateway Arcade, Harbour City!

To align with the new brand image, AP has launched a captivating range of new products, including the M.D. line, with each product meticulously developed based on dermatological treatments and ingredients, delivering remarkable medical-grade results. Core product M.D. Dual Repair Lift Cream exhibits clinical-grade dual effects in one bottle, simultaneously repairing and lifting the skin with unparalleled efficacy, rivaling the outcomes of medical-grade skin tightening treatments like Thermage!

Reinvented into a new prestigious medical skincare brand

With the continued growth of the high-end luxury skincare market, AP has closely watched the trend towards the parallel use of dermatological procedures and transformed itself into a high-performance, high-end skincare brand ──AP BEAUTY.

AP heros in on three core elements: (1) breakthrough technology, (2) patented novel ingredients, and (3) expert tested visible results. AP gathers the essence of over 70 years of skin research, along with more than 3,000 patented technologies, selecting the most cutting-edge techniques, patented ingredients, and innovative formulas to develop high-performance skincare solutions at the genetic and cellular level. Validated by multiple experts, these solutions not only address existing skin issues but also transcend the confines of traditional skincare, delivering extraordinary and groundbreaking skincare experiences that unveil beauty beyond.

Unleashing the dual power of evolutionary medical aesthetic ingredients to elevate firmness to new heights

AP has launched the brand-new M.D. line, with each product meticulously developed based on medical-grade collagen tightening treatments, combining multiple active ingredients and leading medical aesthetic techniques from Korea. The core product, M.D. Dual Repair Lift Cream, offers powerful and astonishing repairing and lifting effects with the synergy between PDRN and EXOYNE, the two patented ingredients independently developed by AP.

PDRN (Patented Dual Repair Network)

Enriched with the patented ingredient PDRN at a concentration exceeding 147,000ppm, this exceptional formula offers dual repairing effects comparable to professional medical aesthetics, providing comprehensive and intensive restoration, reconstruction, and fortification of the skin barrier from the outermost layer to its deepest basal layer.


The high-performance skin-tightening ingredient has ultra-fine particles that can penetrate quickly into the dermis, noticeably enhancing skin firmness and stimulating the production of collagen types 1, 3, and 4. This rejuvenates the skin’s firmness, elasticity, and youthful radiance, with efficacy surpassing peptides by an impressive 34%.

Patented Formula Infusing BandageTM

The unique transformation technology has created the next generation of “bandage texture,” which immediately forms a protective shield on the damaged skin barrier, creating a moist environment close to that of a hydrogel dressing. This accelerates healing and repair while promoting the penetration of active ingredients into the skin’s deeper layers.