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21 Mar, 2022

With the arrival of Spring, Tayama-san continues to share his love for nature and gardening with the special collection – Art of Garden, first launched in ATSURO TAYAMA’s 30th Anniversary, with the new theme – “flower viewing”. By designing outfits that are practical, durable yet stylish, ATSRUO TAYAMA would like to invite you to go outdoor and admire the beauty of flower blooming as nature comes alive.


Designed with comfortable and functional materials such as water-resistant and UV protection fabrics, and details such as hidden pockets and detachable hoody, these fashionable and functional unisex pieces available in easy to match colours of beige, blue and green can be worn daily and casually

Design Inspiration

Atsuro Tayama loves nature, and likes to enjoy the changes and pleasures brought by various flowers, plants and trees in the four seasons. When he was planting in a private garden of about 11,500 square meters in Aso, Kyushu, he found that as a fashion designer, he was dressed casually, which inspired him to design a new limited edition “Art of Garden Gardening Series”.

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