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Best Spots for Stunning Views and Romantic Sunsets in Hong Kong

02 Mar, 2021

From the highly accessible locations that you wouldn’t want to miss, to the more tucked-away spots that provide a nice respite from the bustling city, this week we’re taking you on a journey where you can savor the best views of the city, and catch the most mesmerizing sunset with your loved ones – from all angles.

 Awe-Inducing Cityscape The City Has To Offer

Conveniently located in the heart of the Kowloon Peninsula, Harbour City’s observatory deck, the Ocean Terminal Deck is just a hop and skip away from the amazing shopping heaven, yet a world apart where you can soak up some rays on the lawn.

Overlooking the Hong Kong Island and Kowloon, the Ocean Terminal Deck is where you can enjoy a 270-degree panoramic view of Victoria Harbour, spanning from the historic clock tower on the southern shore of Tsim Sha Tsui, all the way to the maze of skyscrapers on the other side of the harbor.

Ocean Terminal Deck, Harbour City
Ocean Terminal Deck, Harbour City

A mere 30-minute walk from Kowloon Bay MTR station takes you to Kwun Tong area’s Ping Shang, which overlooks Jordan Valley and much of Kowloon Bay’s cityscape, accompanied by the distinctive profile of a resting lion – the iconic Lion Rock.

For a more unobstructed view of the city, Kowloon Peak is where it’s at. The summit is where you can marvel at Sai Kung’s Ho Chung and Pak Sha Wan – two equally perfect spots for your next weekend escapes.

Kwun Tong area’s Ping Shang
Kowloon Peak

For those who prefer to stay on the Hong Kong Island side, Braemar Hill, which perched above Happy Valley, is where you can see the unblemished skyline over the stunning views of Victoria Harbour.

Braemar Hill

Splendid Views of Sun Dipping

 At dusk, take a sip of an artisanal cocktail while admiring the breathtaking orange hue of sunset – let that set the pace of your night.

Grab a table by the windows at one of the restaurants perched on the edge of Harbour City’s Ocean Terminal Deck, where you can enjoy the global cuisines on offer, featuring menus by world-renowned chefs. Red-sailed junk boats occasionally drift right past you, with gorgeous sunset as the most picturesque backdrop.

Ocean Terminal Deck, Harbour City
Ocean Terminal Deck, Harbour City

A relaxing ferry ride away from Tsim Sha Tsui takes you to the other side of the harbor. Enjoy an afternoon stroll at Wan Chai Expo Promenade as the cool breeze gently caresses your face. Alternatively, a brisk urban walk to Sham Shui Po’s Garden Hill is rewarded with beautiful views as the sun falls into the high-rise clusters of the sprawling town.

Wan Chai Expo Promenade
Garden Hill

If you have extra time to spare, leave behind the urban jungle and experience the raw beauty of nature.

Strut through a sea of silvergrass and hike up to the tallest mountain in Hong Kong – Tai Mo Shan Peak, for a bird’s-eye view of the city. Bask in the golden glows of the evening while being immersed in the tranquility of the wilderness.

Tai Mo Shan Peak

Get close to the seashore at Ma On Shan. Named by CNN as “Hong Kong’s Best Beach for Romantic Sunset,” Wu Kai Sha’s calm waters offer a scenic backdrop as the sun sets below the horizon.

Wu Kai Sha

Whether it’s a nice evening out in an alfresco restaurant, or a brisk walk by the waterfront, in the arms of your loved ones, these spots are going to let you feel completely in tune again.