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Between Opens The First Store in Kowloon
with 8 New Beverages

25 Sep, 2022

Between is on a mission to provide exceptional coffee, food and drink. In order to bring its unique coffee culture to even more coffee aficionados, the brand will open its first store in the Kowloon district. The new store is situated in Ocean Terminal in Tsim Sha Tsui, and will feature exciting new beverages on the menu.


In contrast to the previous store concepts, Between’s new Harbour City store will debut a brand-new design showcasing their new periwinkle brand colour. The storefront features a special mirrored wall to the right of the counter, encouraging customers to take selfies on-site. The counter is presented in terrazzo, using the same colour scheme, with a presentation window for food that allows customers to see at a glance what’s on offer for the day. The new brand aesthetic is also used on the packaging for food and beverages.

In celebration of the new Kowloon store opening, Between has added 8 new beverages to the menu in addition to the current food and drink offering of various specialty coffees and sandos. Taking inspiration from the surroundings of the new store, the brand aims to provide family-friendly options for adults and children. Exceptional creations combine refreshing fruity flavours with Chinese tea and dessert beverages such as Pineapple & Peach Oolong and Coco-Rice Paradise. The variety of options ensures there’s plenty on offer to suit each customer’s preference.


The 8 new beverages include (currently only available at the Harbour City store):

  • Coco-Rice Paradise (Coconut milk, purple rice and sago, topped with coconut cream)*
  • Tie Guanyin Latte (Tie Guanyin tea with fresh milk)*
  • Earl Grey Yin Yeung (Earl Grey, espresso and oat milk)
  • Smoky Ginger Pomengranate (Lapsang Souchong, pomegranate and fresh ginger)
    Kumquat Honey Soda (Salted kumquat, fresh lime and soda water)
  • Strawberry Banana Smoothie (Strawberries, fresh banana and yogurt)
  • Pineapple & Peach Oolong (Pineapple juice, fresh peach pulp and Ever Spring Oolong)
  • Passion Fruit Black Coffee Soda (Passionfruit, espresso and soda water)

*These beverages can also be served hot.

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