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Half a century ago in 1972, in the watchmaking heartland of La Chaux-de-Fonds, Gucci Swiss Timepieces presented the world with a new horological design proposition – watches com[1]bining unparalleled Swiss technical know-how with the best in Italian design. In 2021, Gucci made its long-awaited debut in high watchmaking with a series of Swiss-made designs show[1]casing technological flair, elevated materials, and unique decorative artistry. Now, to mark the 50th anniversary of Gucci Swiss Timepieces, the House celebrates its next bold step into this mesmerizing universe.


In 2022, Gucci presents its second high watchmaking collection at the Gucci Wonderland event in Geneva. The mood of this kaleidoscopic collection is inspired by a magical fairground, where the most refined watchmaking complications appear alongside rainbow-like gems and celestial wonders. Entering this enchanted universe is like being catapulted onto a thrilling series of roller-coaster rides. Three new Gucci-designed watch movements are revealed:  


SKELETON TOURBILLON With its impossibly sleek, 8mm-thick case and captivating see-through dial, the GUCCI 25H SKELETON TOURBILLON arrives with a new Gucci exclusive caliber flying tourbillon. Because the watch is designed around the movement, it creates a fantastic illusion of the mechanics floating above the brushed and polished titanium bridges that cross the base of the dial. With skeleton hands adding a subtle layering effect, the GUCCI 25H SKELETON TOURBILLON is a feat of craft, style, and extraordinary skill, announced by a flying tourbillon at 6 o’clock. This complication regulates timekeeping while its sparse technical design adds a contemporary, decorative touch. Created in 100% recycled gold – in white and yellow bracelet variations – and in slate-grey titanium with a rubber strap, the GUCCI 25H SKELETON TOURBILLON be[1]comes a retro-futuristic time machine for the wrist.


A pioneering addition to the high watchmaking genre, with its halo of 12 princess-set gem[1]stones circling the dial, the G-TIMELESS PLANETARIUM shines a precious light on time’s ever[1]changing view. It also conceals a showstopping power: the gem-set wheel is activated at the touch of a button, rotating around the dial in a gala of light. This delightful on-off control is made possible by a groundbreaking invention: the Dancing Hours Flying Tourbillon, a new Gucci exclusive caliber with a hypnotic diamond star at its center. The arrow-shaped watch hands pay homage to high watchmaking’s heritage of fine technical detail, while each turn of the dial is a playful reminder of Gucci Swiss Timepieces’ dynamic fusion of new technology and timeless Italian style. The G-TIMELESS PLANETARIUM is offered in white, rose, or yellow[1]gold variations with its rotating wheel of green tsavorite, blue tanzanite, or yellow beryl gem[1]stones.


Gucci takes the carnival of time to the skies with the G-TIMELESS MOONLIGHT. On the dial, a beautifully decorated moon waxes from gleaming sliver crescent to pearlescent whole be[1]fore beginning its celestial journey all over again. Created around the new, Gucci caliber GGV838.MP, the sheer technological precision of the G-TIMELESS MOONLIGHT allows it to dictate its own time, following the 29.5-day lunar month. A feat of high watchmaking excel[1]lence, this timepiece only needs to be adjusted every 360 years. It is presented in pink gold and white gold, with a natural meteorite dial, where fairground planets spin and stellar dia[1]monds shine.  


In 2022, Gucci presents new diamond-set additions to its family of G-TIMELESS DANCING BEES tourbillon timepieces. In homage to historical en-tremblant jewelry styles, where jewels were exquisitely engineered to move in rhythm with the wearer, 12 bees shimmer around the diamond-set dial as the wrist moves. Experimenting further, master craftsmen have heightened the natural, glossy sheen of two rare opal varieties – pink and green – to form rectan[1]gular ‘bricks’, from which they have created a miniature chevron pattern on a mother-of-pearl dial. The natural markings of the opals render each dial design unique, while the mirrored caseback allows a personal message to be engraved. Each G-TIMELESS DANCING BEES mar[1]quetry edition is presented either in white-gold and yellow-gold bracelet or in alligator straps variations.


In 2022, Gucci adds two vivid mint green variations to its signature Grip Sapphire mechanical collection. The transparent, cushion-shaped watch case is expertly cut from a cylinder of pure sapphire crystal using a specialist machine. The case is then polished to pristine transparency. Adding to its complex nature, the Grip Sapphire houses a Swiss self-winding jumping hour movement. The dial features two windows, through which the hours and minutes ‘jump’ play[1]fully into view. Two mint green Grip iterations are offered, each with a transparent caseback. The first sports two laser-cut turquoise hours and minutes discs for tone-on-tone modernity, while the other showcases mauve-pink discs. Each design is fitted with a transparent mint-green rubber strap and sapphire crown.  

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