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Giraffe Eye Quartet

Limited Edition

Four flattering earth-toned neutrals that mix and match to create rich, defined eye looks. Inspired by giraffes and in benefit of Giraffe Conservation Foundation.

Imagined and designed by Olivia Chantecaille to be the essential warm neutral palette, this quad of shimmering and matte shades was inspired by giraffes’s spotted coats. The versatile quartet of soft matte, chrome pearl, and shimmer formulas create beautifully defined, textured eye looks that can be applied for both a subtle or emboldened look.  

Lip Chic


Glossy and lightweight, smoothing Lip Chic is infused with hydrating hyaluronic acid for plumper-looking lips that feel incredibly soft, hydrated and nourished. The ultra-emollient formula offers great color payoff, is shiny, and comfortable to wear.

This trio of neutral, flattering hues was inspired by the colors of the landscape that giraffes call home— the dusty sand, twiggy trees, and lush blooming bushes and pink sunsets of Namibia.

Chantecaille is proud to help give a voice—and a future—to giraffes with this limited-edition launch.


Giraffe Conservation Foundation

Gentle and elegant, giraffes are vital to keeping ecosystems in balance, promoting vegetation growth and opening up habitat for other species to thrive. Africa’s giraffe populations have dropped nearly 30% over 30 years, a “silent extinction” that for too long has gone unnoticed.

Giraffe Conservation Foundation (GCF) uses scientific findings to bring innovative approaches to saving giraffes in the wild, working alongside African governments, NGOs and local communities. Their methods include tracking giraffes’ movements to understand where protection is needed, de-snaring injured giraffes where poaching is a threat, moving or “translocating” giraffes to re-establish populations where they have nearly or entirely vanished, and working with local communities to ensure happy co-existence.

Giraffe Conservation Foundation (GCF) is the first and only non-profit to focus solely on giraffes throughout Africa. GCF works in 16 African countries, impacting more than 100 million acres of giraffe habitat. Based in Namibia and founded by husband-and-wife team Stephanie and Julian Fennessy.

Chantecaille is proud to help give a voice—and a future—to giraffes.

HD Radiant Blush Limited Edition

Sculpt, shape, and add a lovely, natural flush to the cheeks with this state-of-the-art formula that delivers a smooth, flawless finish that melts into the skin.

This soft, flattering blush with radiant shimmer is easily applied—wherever you may be—with the mess-free flow-through brush. Never too-powdery, this formula was created to be buildable for the ultimate eye-catching highlight, while emollient smoothing ingredients guarantee a silky feel and blur the skin for a filtered-effect.

Chantecaille Spring 2022 is available at Chantecaille counter at Lane Crawford, Harbour City.

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