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Ciao Brunello! Meet the King of Cashmere

19 Oct, 2020

Big ideas and bold ambitions have led to Brunello Cucinelli stores around the world and a growing global presence in the most prestigious of shopping areas including here at Harbour City. With an already established Brunello Cucinelli adult store, we are now excited to be opening the FIRST standalone kid’s store in Hong Kong!

Don’t know who Brunello Cucinelli is? Let us tell you…


In the Umbrian village of Solomeo sits the ‘King of Cashmere’ – Brunello Cucinelli. After he fell in love with his wife Frederica, he fell in love with her home town, and this is where he has built his luxury fashion empire. In 1978 he decided to start a knitwear business and launched Brunello Cucinelli the brand with a handful of brightly coloured ladies cashmere sweaters. Over time his label has evolved into offering tailoring, smart-casual separates, footwear, and accessories.

He is known for his love of philosophy and his ethical approach to business which is guided by his idea of ‘Humanistic Capitalism’. He holds firm to his values of striking a balance between profit and giving back. Making profits with ethics, dignity and morals, and giving back to create a better world for those who come after us. 


A lot of things have been written about Brunello Cucinelli ; everything from his philosopher tendencies to his philanthropies, but here are some intriguing facts about the man himself.

1 : Jiu-Jitsu calms him

As a teenager, he practised Jiu-jitsu which he claims gave him self-confidence and serenity that allowed him to avoid arguments. His takeaway lesson was to count to 10 before responding to someone who may have offended you. He credits this for not really having had any big arguments with anyone.

2: Green is not his colour

Cucinelli has always had strong opinions about clothes. He made his feelings about the colour green very clear when he received some green trousers from his parents and promptly took them out into the garden and buried them. He felt they didn’t suit his pale skin.

3: Believes the cost of his clothes are worth every penny

When buying a piece from Cucinelli’s brand, you are not only investing in a luxurious item that will last a lifetime, you are also investing in his ethos.

Cucinelli’s beliefs are rooted in kindness and quality. He believes in treating his employees fairly and like family. He acknowledges and honours their skills and craftsmanship through fair pay. He insists on creating a happy working environment with 90-minute catered lunches and encourages people to leave work on time. He is passionate about giving back to revitalize the community and ensuring these traditional skills are passed on to the next generation. These beliefs cost and require investment, which he funds. People want to support good business, and a company with a conscience is priceless.


It’s not just adults who can enjoy the craftmanship of Brunello Cucinelli, now kids can too! The most luxurious materials and the most skilled artisans are now creating apparel and accessories for all ages. Head to the adults store and enjoy the calming ambiance as you browse the latest collection for the perfect outfit amongst the modern and inviting interior. Afterwards, head to the kids store for the matching items to the current collection.

Choose a cashmere sweater for you and one for your mini-me or maybe a casual jacket and jeans combo for you and junior. How about some luxurious leisurewear for all the family? You’ll definitely be the most stylish family on the block! 

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