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city’super x Alan Chan Join Hands to Launch All-new Collection of Environmental Shopping Bags and Furoshiki

19 Nov, 2022

Since 1996, city’super is once again collaborating with Mr. Alan Chan — the renowned global graphic and interior designer and artist who designed the city’super logo — to launch the all-new “crafting a better lifestyle” collection of environmental shopping bags and furoshiki. This collection presents a refined everyday urban style that inspires customers to pursue a better lifestyle through craftsmanship.

Gradually replacing the existing city’super shopping bags, this brand-new, vibrant collection includes six delightful styles that feature inspirational quotes, aiming to inject a sense of joy and optimism for busy urbanites and serves as caring reminders and motivation throughout the day. Of course, customers can also opt for playful, stylish designs featuring the city’super logo.


What’s more, city’super has partnered with Indian social enterprise RE-WRAP to produce furoshiki, or Japanese traditional wrapping cloths, using premium Indian organic cotton. This eco-friendly initiative is also a great way to help the disadvantaged, as RE-WRAP is committed to providing sewing training to local women in poverty so they can improve their lives. The brand-new “crafting a better lifestyle” collection marries everyday urban design and patterns with traditional furoshiki, providing customers with another gift-wrapping option that can help reduce paper waste.

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