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Located at Harbour City from 13rd to 24th March, CLARINS Precious Nation Popup brings you a fascinating voyage to a French train station where you can unearth the concealed secrets of the rare Moonlight Flower and the luxurious Precious Collection through a series of interactive checkpoints. As one of the best photo spots in town, the Precious Nation Popup is formed by 2 zones at Ocean Terminal Forecourt and Ocean Terminal Lobby, that consists of various interactive zones/experiences injected the concept of Clarins “Art of Touch”. The excitements include Art of Luminosity, Art of Gaze, Art of Smile and Art of Touch, various Moonlight Flower installations and exclusive workshops. At the lounge, you are also offered a tailor-made luxurious experience of the Precious Collection with exclusive CLARINS “Art of Touch” hand massage.位]

Complete the journey to redeem “CLARINS’s Beauty Trial Kit” (worth HK$224) . And share your precious moment at the “Moonlight Flower Swing” on social media to win a grand prize (Klook voucher & Precious Discovery Set, worth $5,000), 2nd prize (Harbour City Shopping Voucher & Precious Discovery Set, worth $1,500) or other 100 product prizes!

Art of Luminosity

The best photo spot in town collaborated with EDITECTURE, this awe-inspiring Moonlight Flower sculpture miraculously lights up upon your touch to reveal the exclusive bloom of the genuine Moonlight Flower once yearly.

The expertise of EDITECTURE in creating masterpieces of art with recycled material helps drive the message of sustainability, that perfectly align with the advocacy of sustainability by CLARINS.

Art of Gaze

A glimpse into the secrets of Precious by a “gaze” through the viewing apertures at the Precious Information Desk.

Art of Smile

As a mesmerising scene, the News Kiosk displays an array of magazines with artistic flair for capturing your unique ‘smile’. A precious magazine cover shoot and printed for takeaway as a token of memory.

** Only one Magazine Cover to be produced for one person

Art of Touch

A tactile “ Touch” to get a physical ticket from “Precious Time Ticketing Box” for passing through the gate to continue your journey ahead at Precious Nation Lounge.

Capture your Precious Moment to win a Grand Prize valued HK$5,000!

Explore and immerse yourselves in the world of the mystifying Precious Nation with various Moonlight Flower installations. Simply take photos/videos at the “Moonlight Flower Swing” and share on social media (public account) with official hashtags during the popup period, you may win a prize:

1st Prize x 1 (Total value: HK$5,000) – HK$4,000 KlookVoucher  & Precious Discovery Set(worth HK$1,000)

2nd Prize x 1 (Total value: HK$1,500) – HK$500 HarbourCity Shopping Voucher & Precious Discovery Set(worth HK$1,000)

3rd Prize x100 (Value: HK$680 each) – Designated CLARINS products

Precious Nation Lounge

Come and unveil the secret behind the rare Moonlight Flower by experiencing the full range of the Precious Collection through product trial and CLARINS Touch hand massage. Learn more about the promotion offers and redeem “CLARINS’s Signature Gift Pack” (worth HK$224) here.

Exclusive Workshops

3 exclusive workshops are held at CLARINS 「Precious Nation Popup」 during the event period. Join the workshops to create your own art pieces. Pre-registration needs to be made based on a first-come first-served basis. Each workshop costs HK$300, which can be fully redeemed for CLARINS retail products. [Please visit the popup registration page for more details.]

Sand Moonlight Hourglass Lamp – Create your own sand moonlight hourglass that can illuminate the reversal of time like Precious does.

Hand-painted Moonlight Mirror – Garnish the mirror with your hand-painted moon drawings and the precious gold foil for a reflection of your rare beauty and smile.

Tinted Glass Moon Flower – Adorn the moon ornament with an iridescent tinted glass flower bouquet on your own taste.