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In 2023, Harbour City opens its doors to more international art communities to satisfy all art lovers! The first art project partners with the renowned Italian Cracking Art group, who will host its first eco-public art exhibition in Hong Kong on their 30th anniversary. From 31 January to 28 February, over 90 animal sculptures made from regenerated plastic will be on display across 8 different locations in Harbour City, indoors and out, from Ocean Terminal Forecourt to Ocean Terminal Deck, Seaview Balcony in Ocean Centre and more. These vibrant installations certainly shine a light on the bustling shopping mall. 

Placing eye-catching animal sculptures in busy international cities, Cracking Art aims to arouse people’s attention to the intense relationship between nature and artificial plastic through public art and inspire a community-wide conversation about the importance of recycling. What’s more, each design is conceived as a symbolic message about the species itself and our relationship with nature. For example, Beagle is the unfortunate dog breed which has been picked for animal testing; Penguin has been the great sufferer of global warming; while the Crocodile and Sea Turtle are two of the oldest creatures on Earth.

In addition to the unexpected encounters with Rabbit, Elephant, Penguin, Beagle, European Cat, Sea Turtle, Bear and Crocodile by Cracking Art in Harbour City, visitors are welcome to print the exclusive Personalised Photo Postcard and join the Eco-friendly Product Charity Redemption to raise funds for World Wide Fund for Nature (WWF). All proceeds will be donated to support wildlife conservation and education work.

To continue the mission of Cracking Art Group of minimizing waste and reducing the environmental impact, the sculptures will be returned after the exhibition and will be displayed in other cities.

Super-sized and colourful animals make their way to Harbour City, creating 8 photogenic scenes

Harbour City is coloured and populated with giant animals! 90 massive animal sculptures made from regenerable plastic will be displayed in 8 locations throughout the mall, in various sizes and bright colours to engage and connect with the public.

1. The Energetic Rabbit Group

Meet and greet the 19 lively rabbits including 3 giant rabbits of 2.5-meter-tall, having fun on the lawn along the Victoria Harbour. Many more are enjoying the spring breeze.
Venue: Ocean Terminal Forecourt

2. The Bears Family

A family of 12 lovely bears gather at the “kids playground” and explore the world together with the kids.

Venue: Atrium, G/F Ocean Terminal

3. The Long Living Elephants

A pair of majestic 2-meter-tall elephants are resting on the lawn, recalling their beautiful life in the savanna.

Venue: Ocean Terminal Deck

4. The Cute Penguin Swirl

Due to climate change, 20 cute penguins are looking for a new home this spring. They arrive at Harbour City observatory deck to enjoy the splendid harbour views.

Venue: Ocean Terminal  Deck

5. The “Living Fossil” Crocodile

Watch out! An enormous 5-meter-long crocodile also arrives by water to sunbathe at Ocean Terminal Deck.

Venue: Ocean Terminal Deck

6. The Playful Beagle Family

12 playful beagles are wandering around, deciding where to start shopping in Harbour City. Oops! Can you help the one that’s been left behind?

Venue: Ocean Terminal Lobby

7. The Elegant European Cat Couples

The elegant European cats sit in pairs at the Seaview Balcony, beside Gallery by the Harbour, where they can enjoy the art exhibition and stunning harbour view.

Venue: Seaview Balcony, Level 2, Ocean Centre

8. The Downshifting Sea Turtles

After enjoying a swim in Victoria Harbour, a dozen sea turtles arrive at Ocean Centre and quickly enter the mall.

Venue: Terrace, Level 4, Ocean Centre

Combining art and environmental awareness – Cracking Art creates awe-inspiring artworks to draw public attention on environmental conservation

 “Cracking Art” Public Art Exhibition is designed to stimulate fun interaction with visitors and highlight the increasingly close relationship between natural life and artificial reality, especially the use of plastic. Appearing in unexpected urban spaces, the brightly coloured animal sculptures made from regenerable plastic have always triggered a community-wide conversation about the importance of sustainability and environmental conservation.

Cracking Art artists have created 14 types of animal sculptures in their collection, with each species chosen for its strong symbolism. Eight of them are displayed in this exhibition, including

  • Beagle – the unfortunate dog breed which has been picked for animal testing
  • Penguin – the great sufferer of global warming
  • Crocodile and Sea Turtle – two of the oldest creatures on Earth
  • Rabbit – the metaphor of fecundity and productivity like plastic
  • European Cat – the highly adaptable animal to any environment and cohabitation
  • Bear – the ambivalent creature to humans, who love cute teddy bears yet fear wild bears
  • Elephant – the metaphor of memory, representing the importance of understanding history

After exhibiting in over 300 influential cities around the world including New York Central Park, Duomo di Milano, Four Seasons Hotel in Florence and Xintiandi in Shanghai, Cracking Art makes its debut in Hong Kong at Harbour City on its 30th Anniversary.

Exclusive themed activities to elevate your art journey

On top of the dazzling multiple photo spots, Harbour City launches Personalised Photo Postcard and Exclusive Eco-friendly Product Charity Redemption to level up your art journey and at the same time raise funds for supporting wildlife conservation. All proceeds will be donated to World Wide Fund for Nature (WWF).

1) Personalised Photo Postcard

Capture the precious moments with the rainbow-hued Cracking Art animal sculptures and prints as a photo postcard to take home as a memento! During the weekends from 31 January to 28 February 2023, visitors can create your own photo postcard with exclusive frames by completing the 2 steps below.

  1. Upload your photo of Cracking Art animal sculptures at Harbour City on Instagram with #HarbourCity #HCart and #CrackingArtShow
  2. Online Register as Harbour Cityzen member

We will help you to mail it to local or overseas destinations for free. Each visitor can print the photo postcard once only. The daily quota is limited and is offered on a first-come-first-served basis.

Event Details
Date: 31 January 2023 to 28 February 2023 (Every Saturday and Sunday)
Time: 12nn to 9pm
Venue: Ocean Terminal Lobby

2) Exclusive Eco-friendly Product Charity Redemption

Encouraging all to integrate green practices into everyday life, Harbour City exclusively launches the eco-friendly product redemption programme from 7 to 28 February 2023. Upon onsite donation or spending with donation to WWF, shoppers will delight in receiving one set of “The Limited-Edition Food Box and Cutlery Set with a colourful “Marimekko Furoshiki” or two boxes of “reMatter Biodegradable Mask”.

Redemption Details
Date: 7 to 28 February 2023
Time: 12:30pm to 9pm
Venue: Redemption Counter, Level 2, Gateway Arcade (Near Shop GW2217-18 ACCA KAPPA)
1) Onsite donation of HK$150 to WWF; or
2) Upon accumulated same-day spending of HK$1,500 or above (max. of 3 electronic payment receipts) in Harbour City with donation of HK$100 to WWF

For details, please refer to

About Cracking Art

The name “Cracking Art” comes from the English verb “to crack”, which express the state of being split, broken, cracked, or crushed. For the artists, it represents the instant when something natural becomes artificial and is the reason why they seek to seize that very moment in their art form.

The Cracking Art Group is composed of five international artists. The artworks are designed to inspire a community-wide conversation about the anthropic effect on the natural environment through engaging performative projects in which out-of-scale installations- such as the worldwide known coloured animals- invade all kind of spaces, from those that are normally dedicated to art exhibits to then appear unexpectedly in everyday places.

With the intention to radically change the history of art through a strong social and environmental commitment, the Cracking Art movement was born in 1993. The revolutionary use of plastic materials investigates the close relationship between natural and artificial reality. The group dimension doesn’t limit each individual artist’s creativity: each member of the movement also works independently to develop their own interpretation of contemporary problems and tensions.