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DE BEERS JEWELLERS unveils new Canton Road Flagship Store

23 May, 2023

De Beers Jewellers is delighted to open its new flagship store on Canton Road, a renowned shopping destination in Hong Kong. 

Perfectly encapsulating the sophistication of De Beers, the new store takes its design cue from the House’s flagship store on London’s Old Bond Street. Set over two floors, the 170 square metre store captures the different facets of De Beers’ rich heritage and showcases, in a contemporary setting, its distinct jewellery designs.

Modern in design, the façade is inspired by the transformation of a diamond from rough to polished. The lower half of the façade features a distinctive triangular prism pattern cast in iridescent glass panels, based on the striking beauty of a flat, triangular, rough diamond known as a macle. The colours of the iridescent effect are informed by the luxury House’s blue and orange hues and mirror the natural shiny patina of a macle’s surface, after tumbling for millions of years along a riverbed. The upper half of the façade is constructed from textured metal, radiating with the brilliance of a natural diamond. Softly lit during the day, with a cool to warm gradation, and dramatically illuminated at night, the combination of surfaces creates a strong visual impact that adds a refined, yet symbolic look to the store’s exterior, while inviting visitors to journey within. The window display is inspired by the House’s signature Enchanted Lotus motif, fusing nature and art to create a strong visual impact.

The new flagship is an opportunity to discover De Beers’ 135 years of unparalleled diamond knowledge. On entering the store, clients can find De Beers’ most iconic collections such as Talisman, which pioneered blending rough and polished diamonds. As the ultimate destination for engagement and wedding jewellery, this flagship features a wedding and engagement suite, dedicated to couples for sealing their love story. The new store offers classic and contemporary designs and a variety of diamond shapes that will suit every taste. Clients can also interact with the De Beers Iris at the round-shaped counter, and see their True Brilliant diamond as through the eyes of an expert, by getting a glimpse into its core to see each facet illuminate simultaneously, its perfect proportions enabling maximum light reflection.

Throughout the store, iconic House codes have been stylistically reinterpreted and luxuriously realised. Meticulously chosen materials and furniture in the De Beers colours include hand-woven fabrics and decorations from locations close to the House’s heart. The bespoke etched glass highlights the purity of nature’s lines through the horizon line, and transparent counters, create a shared experience between the client and brand ambassador, facilitating connection while honouring De Beers’ values by offering a welcoming and inclusive atmosphere.

The curved staircase, inspired by the London flagship store, takes clients to the lower floor where they can discover the House’s unique High Jewellery designs, such as the Natural Works of Art collection featuring the most exceptional white and extremely rare fancy colour diamonds of superlative traits, exquisite in their unique beauty. Also on this floor, is the High Jewellery Private Salon, providing clients with the opportunity to try on De Beers’ most exclusive collections in an intimate setting.

The ambitious Building Forever sustainability framework is at the heart of De Beers, and the store is no exception. Every aspect of the design, including furniture and materials such as eco-friendly, sustainably sourced oak and subtle textures, along with low energy consumption intricate LED lighting system to illuminate the exceptional diamond jewellery, are aimed at meeting the environmental requirements of Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design (LEED). This certification provides independent verification of a building’s green features.

Edith Chen, President, Asia Pacific for De Beers Jewellers says, “Canton Road is where luxury begins in Hong Kong, so we are extremely proud to unveil our new store and its iconic façade – a world first for De Beers, where light and brilliance come together harmoniously. We look forward to welcoming our clients instore for a unique journey where joy and love unfold.”


The new store is enhanced by interactive and digital experiences to create a seamless omnichannel client journey. For those unable to visit the new flagship store on Canton Road, the Virtual Home of Diamonds Experience – the first of its kind in Asia – allows clients to connect with a diamond expert and access the store experience through cutting-edge video technology from the comfort of their home. The jewellery can be displayed in excellent detail from all angles, and additional participants can be added to the conversation with ease.


As the only Jewellery House which starts at the source, De Beers has unparalleled access to the world’s most beautiful natural diamonds, ensuring their superior quality, traceability and enduring positive impact. De Beers’ experts assess the diamonds individually by eye, cut and polish them with beauty as the top priority, to create jewellery that is aesthetically exciting and symbolically meaningful.

To celebrate the store opening, De Beers has carefully curated a selection of jewellery from its signature collections, including the newly launched Enchanted Lotus enamel pieces. Portraying the radiance of the lotus flower, the Enchanted Lotus collection scintillates with diamonds that artfully accentuate the flower’s silhouette, symbolising purity and eternity. These joyful new additions in red, pink and blue enamel adorned with natural diamonds, mark the beginning of a vibrant new chapter for De Beers’ iconic range.

The new flagship also showcases a 126.92 carat white rough diamond discovered by De Beers in Botswana, to celebrate the House’s unique passion for sourcing the rarest treasures of nature and revealing their exceptional beauty through remarkable craftsmanship.

De Beers invites clients to enter its new Home of Diamonds, discover the pinnacle of our diamond jewellery offering and experience the House’s exquisite craftsmanship.

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