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Dang Wen Li by Dominique Ansel have brought you on a sweet journey to visit a number of popular holiday destinations since Spring. Now, let’s travel further to Ireland and Italy to feast on “Stout Beer” from tap and “Burrata” made fresh.

What’s New on the Around The World Pastry Menu?

Stout Beer (Ireland) – a dark pint of Irish stout made sweet. Stout beer chocolate cremeux, moist stout beer chocolate cake and crunchy chocolate wafer cookie encased in a dark chocolate pint. Can you tell from the silky brown sugar Chantilly cream “foam” that the beer is fresh from the tap?

Burrata (Italy) – dig into this fresh Italian treat to discover a soft strawberry compote centre with basil-infused mascarpone cream sitting on a ladyfingers sponge base. A drizzle of “olive oil”, basil and tomato chocolate to bring the burrata cake to life.

In addition to the new Stout Beer (Ireland) and Burrata (Italy), three of the original Around The World series will remain as part of the pastry case, including the Soufflé Pancake (Japan), Fromage (France) and Mango Sticky Rice (Thailand).

Soufflé Pancake (Japan)  Inspired by Japanese-style fluffy soufflé pancakes, this mousse cake is from maple syrup mousse, fresh bananas, pecans, brown sugar, and soft sponge cake, topped with a pat of “butter” made with salted mascarpone cream. Available in large cake as well.

Fromage (France) – Take a trip to France with a wheel of Brie cheese sponge cake, made with silky brie mousse and a light airy cheese sponge cake, set atop a thin Fontina cheese sablé cookie base. Available in large cake as well.

Mango Sticky Rice (Thailand) –The familiar flavors of this tropical dessert are transformed into a soft glutinous rice sponge cake with juicy fresh mango compote and coconut rice cream.

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