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Famous Japanese comic Doraemon started 50 years! LeSportsac partners with Doraemon to celebrate his 50th anniversary. This collaboration calls out Doraemon and his friends, evokes your childhood memory, and brings joy and innocence together.

There are 4 special graphic styles in this collaboration. Everyone wants the secret gadgets “Memory Bread” when you are in the exam, this pouch looks real.

Double-sided “Anywhere Door Tote” can bring you to your dream destination. “Message to You” Cosmetic, Doraemon is caring for Nobita with his warmth, always guarding him by his side. Finally, “50th Anniversary Pouch” Square Cosmetic is of cause to celebrate Doraemon 50th anniversary. All are worth collecting.

This collaboration offers two prints, “Doraemon 50 Poses” features Doraemon in 50 various funny poses, with a sky blue background. Such a cute collection!

“Message from Doraemon” creates from the original comic. It described the interaction and story between Doraemon and other characters, Nobita, Suneo and Gian. Let’s see how Doraemon help


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