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Easy-to-wear Classic Red Lips for all Women

22 Dec, 2017

Intense red lips are once symbol of maturity that women tried to avoid, but recently a return of classic red lipsticks in numerous nuances and reinvented textures put a twist.
Red lips have evolved to become a versatile companion for all styles: Try GIVENCHY and YSL lipstick if you are new to red. Its light, fresh colours give a natural plumping effect. For women who look for simplicity, the astonishingly comfy texture of CHANEL lip ink and Guerlain matte lip will stain your lips and brighten the skin tone without going too far.

Giorgio Armani Beauty

This season, you can also rock yourself with the popular two-toned lipsticks, to create contoured, gradient lips in bold colours. Dior has further added a touch of metal glamour to enhance any styles such as boyfriend shirt and jeans. For the classic of all classics, the deep, intense red shade dresses you up in timeless beauty, for both formal attire or casual style. There are so many to choose from. Why just stay with one?

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