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Around the world, people are staying in and spending more time at home more than ever before. Our homes are no longer just where we live, but for some, they are now our workplaces and schools too. It may feel a little more chaotic than usual, but here’s how you can bring a little bit of calm and restore that cosy feeling to your space.


If you miss the fresh air of the outdoors, you can now bring it to you… kind of. How? Use an air purifier. MUJI’s Air Purifier effectively filters out dust, allergens and odours, while promoting airflow to circulate this cleaner air. Its minimal design means it will blend in with any home style and have the whole family breathing easy in no time.


Small additions like diffusers and scented candles can make a big difference to your home. Turn your space into a sanctuary and allow the power of aromatherapy to lift your mood, improve concentration, relieve stress, promote better sleep or simply create a relaxing environment.


Neal’s Yard Esta Diffuser brings spa-like vibes to your home with its eco-luxe sustainably-sourced bamboo body and fine aromatherapy-infused mist. Refresh your senses at a touch of a button with Neom’s Wellbeing Pod as it creates a calming ambience through its expertly blended pure essential oils. Both are available at eslite spectrum Tsim Sha Tsui Store.



If space is tight, MUJI has two options for you. A palm-sized Portable Aroma Diffuser you can carry from room to room or a simple Aroma Stone to gently scent your surroundings. Perfect for your desk or bedside table.

Ignite your imagination with ACCA KAPPA’s WHITE FIG & CEDAR WOOD candle. Transport yourself out of the city and to the Mediterranean on the scent of figs, sweet fruit, and cedarwood.

Uplift your spirits with diptyque’s five limited-edition Coloring Spring candles in spring scents – Freesia, Mimosa, Choisya, Geranium Rosa, and Iris. They not only smell great, but their colourful packaging will brighten up your day.

Soothe your soul and evoke the essence of nature with the dynamic collaboration between luxury perfumer Miller Harris and luxury floral brand McQueens.  Miller Harris x McQueens candle range has accurately captured the smell of fresh-cut flowers and foliage in their three limited edition scents.

Envelope yourself in the warm and inviting fragrance of Penhaligon’s Blenheim Bouquet. Its perfect blend of citrus and spice creates the ideal atmosphere for you to chill out and unwind in.



Swap stress for serenity with these simple touches and make your home a happy and cosy place to be!

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