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Every Day is Family Day: How to Entertain Your Kids While School’s Out

10 Mar, 2020

Now’s a great time to spend some quality time together as a whole family throughout the day Let’s count ourselves lucky to enjoy each other’s company and what better way to do it than with a list of activities, both educational, engaging, and most importantly, fun!

Goozooka Confetti@Book Castle
Mini Story Circus@Book Castle
Magnetic Travel Game: Hang on, Monkey@Book Castle

The Mini Story Circus is a simple yet intricately-designed set that features 11 different pieces including props, characters and more. Disney Labyrinth is an all-time classic. Choose your favorite Disney characters and embark on a game of luck and strategy, dodging walls and outsmarting your opponents to come out victorious! Kids on Stage encourages children to channel their inner creativity in a kid’s friendly version of charades. Science Museum: Action & Reaction presents the fascinating world of physics in an easy-to-understand and immersive experience. And finally, one for all ages, make your very own slime with Goozooka Confetti!

Children's Games: Disney Ladyrinth@Book Castle
Science Museum: Action and Reaction - Endless Fun@Book Castle
Briarpatch: Kids On Stage @Book Castle

Relax and Refuel Over a Tasty Meal

In between sessions of stimulating the brain, keep the party going with a cooking session. Cooking is a great opportunity to teach responsibility, safety, and science with a number of tasty options. Mealtime for some can be a drag, but make it fun with Dalla Costa pasta, chocolate lollipops and more.

Cuoca Handmade Crunchy Chocolate Lollipop Set @city'super
Dalla Costa Pasta @city'super

Expand the Mind with These Great Reads

Cultivating love and passion for reading at a young age is something that has incredible benefits down the line and will stay with us as we grow older. The ability to concentrate and focus in a time of distraction is something we should champion. We’ve selected some great books that are both easy-to-read, engaging, and the perfect activity before winding down before bed.

Picture Book: The Julia Donaldson Collection II @Book Castle

The World of David Walliams: Megatastic  is a mega pack of cult classics that showcase some of the best and most engaging children’s storytelling around. 365 Things to Do with LEGO Bricks hardly needs an introduction. In this book, explore some of the most captivating ways of playing with lego that go beyond following a set of instructions. The Julia Donaldson Collection II builds on Donaldson’s fan favourite, The Gruffalo. Keep your children thoroughly occupied as they work on their language skills through Donaldson’s incredibly cute and fun rhyming books.

The World of David Walliams: Mega-tastic @Book Castle
365 Things to Do with LEGO Bricks@Book Castle
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