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Exclusivités Presents Bernardaud New Tableware Collection

23 Mar, 2021

Bernardaud has been dedicated in embedding elegance and style into dining tables around the world since 1863. Through its classic and contemporary tableware, Bernardaud continues to build a graceful connection between the past and present. By promising a table of style and romance with their beautifully made dinnerware, Bernardaud presents the prestige art of simplicity elegance to the fullest.

Producing tableware as a beautiful companion to any home, Bernardaud remains as the premier manufacturer and exporter of fine porcelain in France with a luxurious touch of French elegance. It honors their long history of French styles, and at the same time uses a more modern design approach.

Aux Rois Or

Inspired by the motifs of a wood-paneled ceiling at Fontainebleau, a chateau belonging to the French crown, Aux Rois Or dinnerware fully embodies the King Louis-Philippe style (1830-1848). The entire history of French art and architecture can be found in this magnificent dinner service.

The delicacy and gracefulness radiated in the Aux Rois Or dinnerware resonate perfectly with the delicate taste of the owner. With the elegance added on the table, dining experience can certainly be taken up to the next level.

In Bloom

Created by Zemer Peled, the In Bloom collection is the result of an encounter between a talented young artist and exceptional craftsmanship. Peled’s residency at the Manufacture Bernardaud ignited her interest in the know-how of decoration. By perfectly controlling the pressure of her brush, she learned to perform a quick, precise gesture to achieve the desired effect: a décor where you feel the gesture and texture.

In Bloom collection provides a breeze to your hustle life. With the vibe of relaxation, the tableware provides you with a chance to find a new focus after contemplation.

Les Bouquets De Fleurs De Marc Chagall

Les Bouquets de Fleurs by De Marc Chagall is undoubtedly a painstaking effort. Being widely renowned, seven works including five monotypes produced during the pointer’s Mediterranean period were selected to illustrate the porcelain tea service created by Bernardaud.

In 1909, Chagall first encountered the inspiration of Bouquets of flowers. Through incarnating his imagination and inner world, his pieces are the expression of an iconographic element which elevates us to a spiritual realm, symbolizing the sacred offering. The presence of flowers evokes the eternal search for the ideal, leading us towards a world colored by excellence and beauty, the sight of which continues to awaken our wonder.

The inspiration and significant meaning behind display the mystery of juxtaposed colors, enhancing his masterful treatment of texture as he searched to obtain a sculptural dimension in painting.

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