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Find Your Fabulous Lip Shade! Let’s Play Animal Personality Test

03 Jul, 2018

Fabulous summer looks reign! This season, we see a hot trend emphasizing animal prints and playful lip makeup in the fashion and beauty world. These two essentials are also closely related as different animal personalities can symbolize different lip shades. Let’s start with the first three animals and get inspired by the trend of “Animal X Lip Makeup” combo!

Nature Love – Toucan

Always enjoying themselves in the peaceful forest, toucan is like a young girl in love with nature. A touch of soft rosy pink is just perfect to express this sense of purity and temperament.

Bold Beauty—Butterfly

Butterflies enjoy surrounding the blooms and show off their fabulous beauty. That’s why a touch of spotlight red will be perfect to flatter their boldness and audacity, and leave a remarkable mark!

The Sweetheart—Dolphin

Loved by everyone, dolphin is the symbol of passion and vivacity which is best represented by an orange tone. It enhances your look in just one sweep, and ensures you become even more adorable!

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