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The glamorous and contemporary Pretty Woman collection celebrates all facets of love in joy and freedom. Driven by its creative audacity, Maison FRED envisions the Pretty Woman Sunlight Message necklaces. These capsules of light interact with the sun’s rays to reveal secret love notes. An innovative technological feat that only FRED, The Sunshine Jeweler, could design.

A love of light has always driven FRED’s creativity, instilling the Maison with its Sunshine Jeweler spirit. Like an endless source of inspiration, it literally beams on the new Pretty Woman Sunlight Message necklaces. Jewelry of a unique and unprecedented audacity, shaped by the innovative spirit that has set FRED apart since 1936.

This jewelry was inspired by one of nature’s most beautiful images, bathed in the unique light that radiates throughout the Riviera: reflections of the sun dancing on the surface of the Mediterranean Sea. FRED has captured and transformed these warm, radiant waves into messengers of love using patented Rayform™️ technology. Based on an advanced and unique optic simulation, an algorithm is used to harness effects known as “caustics” to reveal hidden/secret words and symbols in reflected light.

This innovation exclusive to FRED is shown on five new necklaces adorned with pink-gold hearts, each outlined with a different diamond pavés. One by one, each reveals a well-kept secret.

A unique love message—invisible to the naked/bare eye—can be found on the back of each pendant:  L❤️VE, I ❤️ YOU or AM❤️UR and Follow your ❤️. This intimate secret message is revealed and shared only if desired. Only when light touches this facet of the jewelry are these words and symbols revealed in a wave effect similar to that of the sun’s reflections upon the sea. Enhanced by this interplay of light, these declarations of love spring to life in a dreamlike fashion.

Five pieces of jewelry and four secret messages designed to be worn close to the heart… Bringing together those who love each other and allowing them to let their feelings shine out without the need to say them aloud, the Pretty Woman heart within a heart expresses the most romantic feelings more than ever. Like a radiant tattoo, the sweet words become even more precious, forever engraved upon the heart of their recipient.

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