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fresh unveils the “Crème Ancienne White Truffle Pop-up Store” at Harbour City from November 7, 2023 onwards. Guests are cordially invited to walk through the ancient Roman Arch and embark on an immersive white truffle discovery journey. In addition to exploring the story behind the legendary Crème Ancienne White Truffle Collection, guests can also relish multiple limited offers up to 20% off at the pop-up store.

From patience to perfection,  fresh presents the new Crème Ancienne White Truffle Face & Eye Serums as the star of the pop-up. Infused with white truffle exclusively sourced from Alba, Italy, the serums help improve skin quality by elevating skin’s protein design from within. A patented enzymatic extraction process releases 100% of the bioactive compounds, capturing all the active molecules in one concentrated extract. This unique white truffle extract is proven by fresh scientists to provide a visibly rejuvenated, more youthful appearance by smoothing fine lines, boosting skin firmness and radiance etc.

The pop-up features two major checkpoints, including the “Crème Ancienne White Truffle Exploration Zone” and the “White Truffle Immersive Experience Lounge”. The first 50 customers to visit the pop-up store each day will receive a Crème Ancienne Infusion Smoothing Treatment Toner 20ml (Value: HK$155) and enjoy multiple exclusive shopping privileges to witness the remarkable results of fresh Crème Ancienne White Truffle Serums.

Checkpoint 1: Crème Ancienne White Truffle Exploration Zone

The photogenic checkpoint features a replica of the precious White truffle tree and showcases the process of truffle hunting in the pristine forest in Alba, Italy. White truffle, also known as the diamond of nature, is unable to be grown on command but spent 10 years developing underground, awaiting its discovery by master truffle hunters and dogs. It then undergoes a cryo-preservation process to capture its peak moment of freshness to be instilled in fresh‘s Crème Ancienne White Truffle Serums.

Checkpoint 2: White Truffle Immersive Experience Lounge

Guests are invited to experience the visibly repair and brightening power of Crème Ancienne White Truffle Serums in the Lounge. Here, guests can immerse in a sensorial experience by receiving a complimentary Crème Ancienne hand massage, savour a glass of Moët & Chandon champagne and white truffle snacks, while discovering the white truffle hunting tradition of fresh.

Exclusive Offers for the Grand Opening

In celebration of the opening, fresh presents five exclusive offers for a limited time. Customers are offered discounts up to 20% off as well as the gift with purchase.

  1. The first 50 customers to visit the pop-up each day will receive a complimentary Crème Ancienne Infusion Smoothing Treatment Toner 20ml (Value: HK$155)
  2. Enjoy 10% off upon any purchase.
  3. Enjoy 15% off upon purchase of $1,000 or above; 20% off upon purchase of $3,000 or above.
  4. Receive a complimentary Pure Silk Sleep Mask & Hair Scrunchie Set with a Crème Ancienne Soft Cream 7ml upon purchase of any Crème Ancienne products (Value: HK$650).
  5. Extra $80 fresh rewards on FIRST purchase over designated amount for new customers.

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