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“In Alba, Italy, the precious white truffle is hunted by dogs at night, a custom passed down for generations – it’s like searching for diamonds in the forest. We wanted to preserve its heritage while unearthing its possibilities on the skin. Using a patented enzymatic extraction process, we are able to capture 100% of the white truffle’s bioactives in this mask.”

—Lev Glazman, fresh co-founder

The secret to overnight skin recovery: fresh’s new Crème Ancienne White Truffle Overnight Mask. Expertly crafted with the most precious white truffle from Alba, Italy, this intensive overnight mask strengthens skin – even the most delicate – in just one night for a smooth, firm, youthful look.

Enter precious white truffle. Considered the rarest variety of truffles, the white truffle grows in optimal environmental conditions off the roots of specific trees in the region of Alba, Italy. White truffles cannot be cultivated and rely on wild animals to spread their spores, which make them very rare – and expensive. Lev was drawn to the mystique of this precious plant buried beneath the earth and sensed it had skincare benefits waiting to be uncovered. Intrigued by white truffle’s unique properties, Lev met with biochemists to harness its power on the skin.

Informed by 20 years of research, fresh uses a patented enzymatic extraction process to release 100% of the white truffle’s bioactive compounds for its White Truffle Overnight Mask. Here’s how it works: Enzymes are natural catalysts that have the unique ability to target individual desired molecules from a material. This patented extraction was custom-designed to use specific enzymes that target the white truffle species and remove 100% of its bioactive molecules, releasing all of the truffle’s power and efficacy in one single extract.

Crème Ancienne White Truffle Overnight Mask($3,380 / 100ml)

Expertly crafted with this remarkable natural ingredient, Crème Ancienne White Truffle Overnight Mask has a smooth, cocooning texture ideal for intensive overnight recovery. To use, smooth a generous layer and gently rub the excess into your face and neck before bed. The intensive formula only needs to be applied 2-3 nights in place of your moisturizer. As part of the Nourish & Renew Ritual, use the overnight mask after Crème Ancienne Supreme Face Serum, Crème Ancienne Supreme Eye Serum, and Crème Ancienne Eye Cream. For daytime nourishment, end with the original Crème Ancienne in place of the mask.

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