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Leafy streets and breezy weather are here. And there’s no better time to head out and get close to nature.  

Look the part

Chirping birds are not going to be your only companions on a trail. For those who are not the biggest fans of bugs, long-sleeved is the way to go. Go Wild’s Craghoppers Nosilife Adventure II Long Sleeved Shirt features an insect protection treatment and is proven to reduce bug bites by up to 90%.

Take in the most rewarding views as you reach the top. But as it gets a little more chilly up high, an ultra-lightweight L.I.M. Crown Jacket by Haglofs would definitely come in handy. Its three-layer PROOF™ fabric is completely wind- and waterproof, so you’re ready for any weather conditions on your way down to

With neutral tones dominating the Fall/ Winter runways, athleisure wear is in colors-sync too. The North Face’s Active Trail Collection features a slim-fit beige top and a pair of high-rise gray tights. The warm and moisture-wicking wool-blend knit adapts to any stages of your hike. The tights come with a removable waist pack that can be worn either around your waist, or slung over your shoulders, offering maximum practicality.

Strap on the right pair

As you meander your way through the lush green countryside, a pair of quality trekking shoes goes a long way. Columbia’s Facet™ 45 OutDry™ series provides a foot-cradling cushion for maximum comfort and protection. Built with waterproof OutDry™, tough ballistic textile also means that your feet stay dry even after a dip into shallow rock pools. The Omni-GRIP™ traction rubber also makes conquering slopes easier.

 For those intrepid souls, who are always on the hunt for the hidden trails around Hong Kong, these are for you. The Duncan Low GTX by Mammut is an all-rounded pair that features the vibram ® sole, which gives your feet a much greater grip as you tackle those pathless terrains. The spring-steel sole, on the other hand, offers unparalleled stability to the foot to prevent injuries, so you can delve into any treasure hunts worry-free.

Grab everything you need

If your morning hikes always seem to leave you wanting more of the greenery and breathtaking views, why not treat yourself to a weekend camping trip?

Packing everything you will need is an art itself. While there are no right or wrong ways to pack, mastering the strategies is definitely going to make a difference. In general, you will want to keep bulky gear that you don’t need until making camp – such as a sleeping bag, at the bottom. Heavier items like cooking stoves and your food stash would be on the core-of-pack list to stabilize the center. Trail essentials like an emergency kit and rain jackets should be at the top of the pack for easy access.

There is something so satisfying about setting up a tent, yet you wouldn’t want to test the limits of those impatient ones in your troop. Thankfully Columbia’s Ashland 6-Person Dome Tent is an easy one to tackle. The hero Omni-Shield® advanced water repellent features are perfect to get you through any sudden weather changes too.

A trusty backpack is like a travel buddy that you can rely on. Capacity, features, and fit are three of the essential elements to keep in mind before making the purchase. The L.I.M 35 backpack by Haglofs is an ultralight option that comes with an Airback suspension system so you can give your sweaty back a little break.

Another handy little gadget is a Swiss Army Knife. The Victorinox Ranger pocket knife packs 21 tools, including a chisel and a metal saw with file, on top of other standard ones. So the mighty handyman of your group is fully equipped to upgrade your camping experience.

After a good night’s sleep in the wilderness, the only fitting way to wake yourself up is an aromatic cup of coffee, with the sunrise being the unbeatable backdrop. Extend your love for nature to the environment by going green. The Ecoffee Cups available at Eslite Spectrum come with some overwhelming 70 stunning designs to choose from – all of which are made with natural fiber, cornstarch and resin.

Story Playground

If you feel like your little ones could use a test run before your next fall foliage, from now until November 15, drop by the Ocean Terminal Deck, where the venue is turned into an adventure wonderland. A series of fun-filled activities, created by famous Japanese children’s book artist Mr. Tomonori Taniguchi.

From story workshops, learn-to-camp classes to other interactive games that inspire children to unleash their creativity in the “Story Playground,” the themed event makes a nice way to while away an afternoon. Six beautifully designed tents and other installations await, so you can take pictures with your favorite Tomonori Taniguchi’s animal characters.

Whether it’s a just brisk walk in the evening, a scenic hike to appreciate what nature has to offer, or an extravagant camping trip with your loved ones, let’s take some time off the cityscape every once in a while to reconnect with our senses!

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