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“hcKids Swing Along Design Exhibition”

13 Nov, 2020

“Gallery by the Harbour” presents the 1st-ever kids exhibition

Harbour City launches a wide variety of activitiesto foster children’s creativity


Creativity is a fundamental 21st century skill. It is one of the important skills and must be highly prioritized as a response to current changes and to prepare children for their future. This year, Harbour City has specially launched a wide variety of creative activities, aimed at creating a fertile environment in which kids’ creativity will take root, grow and flourish.

In March, Harbour City launched hcKids “Swing Along” Design Competition, inviting kids across the city to showcase their incessant and ever-growing creativity by drawing out their unique swing. In September, the mall set up a Colouring Experience Zone for kids to release their creative energy. In October, the mall invited Japanese children’s book artist Mr. Tomonori Taniguchi to create a series of fun, sensational story-themed adventures, such as “Create Your Own Story” worksheets, to motivate and unleash kids’ story writing creativity. Also, the mall joined hands with a team of coffee experts, to organize a series of coffee-themed workshops, such as make latte art with hot chocolate for kids. What’s more, Harbour City is now recruiting kids to record their own Christmas music performance and become “Christmas Club” members, to show their musical talent (Details).

hckids “Swing Along” Design Competition winners take a professional art journey

Although children are naturally curious and inquisitive, they need support to develop their creative capacities and reach their full creative potential. hcKids “Swing Along” Design Competition is not only merely a competition, but also a beginning of their creative journey for their future development. To uplift the winning works, winners are invited to take on a professional art course at CreativeKids. Moreover, to expand their minds and cultivate a passion for design, winners can pick up any arts they want to learn and explore the techniques of arts in a systematic way with exclusive course coupons.

Little artists participate in hosting the exhibition  

Committed to nurturing and inspiring children’s creativity, Gallery by the Harbour presents the first-ever kids exhibition “hckids Swing Along Design”, which exhibits the winning works and the artwork after taking on the professional art course at CreativeKids. The exhibition allows the winners to be the little artists, and enjoy the public exposure. Besides, they are invited to participate in the display setting, layout and guided tour, which encourages young minds to create their own exhibition.

Start the creativity journey at Harbour City!

To encourage all the kids to dream and develop their creativity, Harbour City offers a wide range of creative activities in different formats, from design, painting, story writing, coffee art to music. Stay tuned and start your creativity journey at Harbour City!

Date: 12 November 2020- 30 November 2020

Opening Hours: 12noon – 9pm

Venue: Gallery by the Harbour (Shop 207, Level 2, Ocean Centre, Harbour City)