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Hello Kitty, the beloved character celebrating her 50th anniversary, has taken on the role of “International Friendship Ambassador” for Harbour City. Together with Harbour City, Hello Kitty is set to launch a spectacular anniversary celebration called “HELLO KITTY · HAPPY 50 @Harbour City” in late January. This milestone event will feature an exciting array of activities and a coveted collection of limited-edition merchandise. A sneak peek of the offerings has been unveiled, including the highly anticipated limited-edition zodiac commemorative golden coins and wooden box set, the groundbreaking collaboration with William Chan Design and Bull & Stein for an exquisite art sculpture collection, and the delightful Hello Kitty x Kee Wah Bakery themed candy gift box series. Get ready to be amazed as Hello Kitty fans and collectors alike are in for a treat!

Hello Kitty 50th Anniversary Zodiac Commemorative Golden Coins and Wooden Box Sets Available for Pre-Sale

Introducing the Special Limited Edition Hello Kitty 50th Anniversary Zodiac Commemorative Golden Coins and Wooden Box Sets, a highlight of the Celebration. Each golden coin beautifully captures Hello Kitty in a unique zodiac-inspired design, seamlessly blending her playful charm with traditional Chinese cultural elements. The globally limited collection of 500
sets (Price for each: HK$1,000) is presented in a magnificent Hello Kitty giant bow-shaped wooden box, adorned with a hidden “50” symbolizing the anniversary. Inside, the Hello Kitty 50th Anniversary logo is delicately engraved, while each of the 12 golden coins is individually packaged in adorable Hello Kitty-shaped mini boxes. For collectors seeking a standout piece, a single coin (Price for each: HK$50) features the lovable Hello Kitty Daruma with a red apple atop her head, concealing a precious zodiac commemorative golden coin within her belly. Don’t miss the exclusive pre-sale of these highly sought-after commemorative golden coins, beginning on 10 January at 12pm on the Harbour City online platform. With limited quantities and immense collectible value, these treasures are an absolute must-have for passionate Hello Kitty enthusiasts! Preorder Link

First-ever Collaboration “Color your Future” Art Sculpture Collection by William Chan Design and Prominent German Home Decor Brand Bull & Stein

Get ready to immerse yourself in the enchanting “Every flower tells a story” Art Exhibition at the upcoming celebration. Renowned artists are gearing up to create a mesmerizing floral world that showcases the ever-changing allure of Hello Kitty. This highly anticipated exhibition will feature a unique collaboration between William Chan Design and the esteemed German home decor brand Bull & Stein. Together, they will unveil an extraordinary collection of collector-grade Hello Kitty art sculptures. Known for their exceptional designs and impeccable craftsmanship, Bull & Stein’s contribution to this exhibition promises to be truly exceptional. Each sculpture captures the timeless essence of Hello Kitty, complete with her iconic apple perched atop her head. Crafted by skilled European artisans and meticulously hand-painted with Swisspatented pigments, these masterpieces will be a sight to behold. The exhibition will showcase a limited-edition set of 10 color art sculptures (Price from HK$ 19,800 for each), standing approximately 33 centimeters tall, including the special golden and silver editions. With only 20 pieces per design, these exquisite creations hold both collectible value and embody the irresistible charm of Hello Kitty.

Indulge in Sweet Delights with the Enchanting Hello Kitty Dream Candy House, a Collaboration with Kee Wah Bakery

Hello Kitty is ready to share a sweet surprise with everyone in the new year! Teaming up with Kee Wah Bakery, Hello Kitty is bringing to life a whimsical and delightful Dream Candy House. This enchanting collaboration offers “HELLO KITTY · HAPPY 50 @Harbour City” Cookies & Candies Gift Box in three beautifully designed packaging options: a cardboard tote bag (10pcs of candies and cookies, price: HK$68), the iconic “coin purse” style (20pcs of candies and cookies, price: HK$288), and an adorable Hello Kitty-shaped tin box (30pcs of candies and cookies, price: HK$388). Each package is adorned with charming prints of Hello Kitty and her favourite things, exuding an irresistible cuteness. Customers can select and purchase their preferred packaging and then explore the candy bar to curate their own personalized assortment of candies and cookies. With special Hello Kitty-themed treats also available, it’s a chance to create a truly unique and cherished candy gift box. The Dream Candy House is set to open its doors in late January, and devoted Hello Kitty enthusiasts won’t want to miss this magical experience.