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INITIAL X Mika Ninagawa Summer 2024 Crossover Collection

19 Apr, 2024

Evolving from the theme of “Flourishing Flowers” from spring, MIKA NINAGAWA and INITIAL collaborate once again to introduce a summer clothing line that delves into the exploration of self and surroundings. Drawing inspiration from the perspective of a butterfly, this collection embarks on a journey to unravel the intricate relationship between oneself and the environment.

This collaboration not only showcases MIKA NINAGAWA’s unique photographic style and pursuit of beauty but also blends her keen observations of nature and life. Departing from NINAGAWA’’s signature vibrant floral prints, the summer season also features either one of her kind enlarged vivid print or abstract black-and-white butterfly patterns.

Utilizing sheer fabrics, the collection incorporates lightweight mesh layers that resonate with the changing seasons. Everywhere, one can see NINAGAWA’s sensitivity and creativity towards natural elements, awakening wearers’ awareness to connect with nature, achieving effortlessly chic yet artistic ensembles.

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