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The wait is over! Gucci announces a new wave of its Gucci Pins “The North Face x Gucci Collection” after the teaser released in September 2020. The series of ephemeral stores inspired by the pins seen on interactive digital maps, showcasing the products in an immersive, dedicated environment which reflects Creative Director Alessandro Michele’s unconventional approach to luxury fashion, the initiative debuts now in Central’s Cochrane Street and Harbour City, and it is aimed at connecting and engaging with clients over the world and their surrounding communities.

The collaboration between Gucci and The North Face celebrates the spirit of exploration, building on the mutual efforts to promote literal and more metaphorical adventures. United under the belief thattravel leads to self-discovery, the two companies explored their deeper parallels, with The North Face famously outfitting those who seek adventure through pioneering product innovation, and Gucci similarly empowering people in their quest to celebrate and express their own characters and personalities.

The North Face x Gucci pins were therefore shaped observing the outdoor, where the encounter of different materials generates geodesic and curvilinear structures, that recall concepts related to the temporariness of landscapes, travels and explorations. Sinuous and domed shapes, covered in the patterns of the collection, welcome visitors in this mesmerizing space, where trunks are arranged inside and the spotlights recreate the vault of a starry sky, as seen from the inside of a tent.

Bespoke entertainment will further lead visitors down a path of evocative adventures and memories, with QR codes bringing the sounds of nature in Spatial Sound (through 8D Audio technology) to those who wish to travel with the mind. Also, furtherly celebrating the spirit of exploration in all its form and the playful twist between real and virtual environments, the Cochrane Street and Harbour City Gucci

Pin: The North Face x Gucci will be home to its virtual counterpart: a Gucci PokéStop. Thanks to the partnership with augmented reality company Niantic, the collection is landing in the famous virtual environment of Pokémon GO, delivering an immersive experience that encourages its community of players to go out and explore the outdoors. Three digitally wearable items from the collection will be available for players who visit the Gucci PokéStops (which include the physical locations of Gucci Pins, ArtWalls, and selected Gucci stores).

Hong Kong The North Face x Gucci Pin

Date: December 31, 2020 – January 17, 2021

Location: Atrium ll, G/F, Gateway Arcade Tsim Sha Tsui