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Jo Malone London New Red Hibiscus Cologne Intense

14 Feb, 2024

A collection of alluring, powerful scents inspired by faraway lands, captivating rituals and treasured ingredients. A spirit of discovery ignites the mysterious and sensual world of Cologne Intense.

Embark on a sensual scented adventure with Jo Malone London’s perfumers to explore the mysterious faraway lands. From the fragrant vetiver on the isolated island of Madagascar, to the blooming Damask Rose handpicked at dawn along the Mediterranean coast. From the precious Kyara wood in the ancient Japanese ceremony of Ko-Doh, to the time-honoured captivating oud.

The collection looks to the rich and rare as the starting point for ten distinctive fragrances inspired by enchanting rituals around the world, alongside body cremes, candles, diffusers and more. With the most rare and luxurious ingredients, combining traditional ancient methods with contemporary craftsmanship, the Cologne Intense Collection elevates the heart and base notes to achieve a richer concentration of precious fragrance notes, crafting intoxicating scents with a hypnotic trail. The new exotic, sensual Red Hibiscus joins the opulent collection, evoking memories of bold, spirited adventures in the depths of Hawaiian tropical forests. Deep, seductive and irresistible.

Add an air of sensual luxury and indulge your senses with opulent scents.

Red Hibiscus Cologne Intense
Tropical. Vivid. Sensual.

Go on a tropical adventure in the depths of Hawaiian forests. From lush rainforests, exotic flora and fauna, beautiful waterfalls, rugged canyons to volcanic formations, the spirit of liveliness and vivaciousness of this tropical paradise is calling out to your adventurous soul.

Hidden away in the heart of lush ancient tropical forests, this rarest of flowers bloom quietly with rich crimson petals, so vivid as to be almost fluorescent. With a touch of Jasmine Sambac and the warmth of vanilla, this intense solar floral draws you in with smoothness and sensuality. Sweet and irresistible.

Jo Malone London Tasting Notes:
Top Note: Mandarin
Heart note:  Red Hibiscus
Base note: Vanilla

Cypress & Grapevine Cologne Intense

Mysterious. Refined. Captivating.

There are none more mysterious than the Hanging Gardens.

Foliage and revelry enliven the garden’s expansive terraces and noble arches. Verdant hillsides running with manmade streams, imagined as sparkling waterfalls over an evergreen earthly paradise and suspended high above. Statuesque cypress trees infuse the air with freshness, powered by intertwining grapevines, grounded with depths of amber.

A cool turn to a classic fougère, combining the aromatic freshness of cypress with the woody, sensual accord of grapevine, wrapped in the refined base of warm amber and earthy moss. Verdant and mysterious.

Jo Malone London Tasting Notes:
Top:  Cypress
Heart:  Grapevine Accord
Base:  Moss

Dark Amber & Ginger Lily Cologne Intense

Sensual. Dark. Distinctive.

A magnetic trail of incense rising during a sacred ritual.

The 500-year-old incense ceremony of Ko-Doh, was enjoyed by Japanese aristocrats and high-ranking Samurai. As the incense is lit, the ineffable fragrance of the highly prized Kyara rises, bringing a moment of utmost fulfilment.

Kyarawood mingles with the warmth of dark amber to give the fragrance its distinctive and calming character. Illuminated by the clean sensuality of black cardamom and fresh lily, enriched with amber. Dark and distinctive.

Jo Malone London Tasting Notes:
Top: Black Cardamom
Heart: Black Orchid Accord
Base: Kyara Incense

Tuberose Angelica Cologne Intense

Intoxicating. Voluptuous. Sumptuous.

The Queen of white florals in a midnight garden.

From the bustling flower markets of Tamil Nadu, the pristine Tuberose buds are taken to the distillation site. Here, they are scattered on the floor until they bloom, revealing their scent at its best. It’s at this point they are distilled for Tuberose Absolute.

A midnight garden filled with florets of hypnotic tuberose. The intoxicating, mesmerising scent of this elegant bloom is touched with the green flower of angelica and the warmth of amber. voluptuous and sumptuous.

Jo Malone London Tasting Notes:
Top: Angelica
Heart: Tuberose
Base: Amberwood

Oud & Bergamot Cologne Intense

Hypnotic. Mysterious. Alluring

Close your eyes and imagine being enveloped in the hypnotic haze of captivating oud.
A time-honored Middle Eastern tradition dating back over 1400 hundred years.

This mysterious and precious wood is matched with the richness of black musk, radiating with crisp bergamot. Oud is rich, resinous and dark, with animalic accents, bringing intensity and depth to the fragrance. Mysterious and alluring.

Jo Malone London Tasting Notes:
Top: Bergamot
Heart: Cedarwood Accord
Base: Oud Accord

Velvet Rose & Oud Cologne Intense

Textural. Magnetic. Decadent.

Blooming once a year in early summer when the weather is pleasantly warm and sunny.
The Damask rose is picked at dawn as the sunlight begins to softly reveal the flower’s fragrance, whilst the blooms still retain the freshness from the previous night.

Celebrating the eternal beauty and versatility of a revered flower. The iconic floralcy of Damask rose wrapped in the smoky depths of oud, sparked with clove and a delicious taste of praline.

As the fragrance unfurls, this opulent floral, with its spicy, honey facets wraps the scent with sumptuous texture. Magnetic and decadent.

Jo Malone London Tasting Notes:
Top: Clove
Heart: Damask Rose
Base: Oud

Jasmine Sambac & Marigold Cologne Intense

Enticing, opulent, addictive.

This eagerly awaited treasure of the flower market, takes its place on the trading floor.

Jasmine Sambac is the most prized Jasmine in India. This white floral, heady and sophisticated, adds luminosity to the fragrance.

As dawn rises, coveted pure white buds of jasmine sambac are picked from peaceful fields and transported to the bustling flower market. Their potent floralcy contrasts with vibrant marigold, enveloped in the warmth of vanilla and amber. Enticing and opulent.

Jo Malone London Tasting Notes:
Top: Marigold Accord
Heart: Jasmine Sambac
Base: Benzoin Resin

Scarlet Poppy Cologne Intense

Ravishing. Moreish. Sweetly decadent.

Wild steppes covered in the extravagant blooms of the great scarlet poppy.

With eight-inch petal cups that sit on top of meter-high stems, the great scarlet poppy, an oversized variety of oriental poppy, retains an aspect of mystery and wildness, reflecting the dramatic landscapes from where they come.

A voluptuous floral accord of bold blooms for rich intensity at the heart of the scent. Potent symbols of love, their crimson-red petals are marked with ink black spots. Their opulence enhanced with velvety iris and the sweet decadence of tonka bean. Ravishing and moreish.

Jo Malone London Tasting Notes:
Top: Ambrette
Heart: Scarlet Poppy
Base: Tonka Bean

Myrrh & Tonka Cologne Intense

Noble. Sensuous. Intoxicating.

The golden sand dunes of the Namib desert: home of distinctive myrrh trees.

The Omumbiri tree, found in Namibia in Southwest Africa, grows amid the cliff-like dunes of red-gold sand and rock of the Namib desert.  The resin is only hand-harvested in Autumn once it dries and falls naturally to the ground.

Omumbiri Myrrh is uniquely rich with a sensual note of amber and infuses the fragrance with warm woody notes and a vibrant freshness. The resinous scent of the tree sap travelling on the hot air; mingling with the warm almond and lush vanilla notes of the tonka bean. Noble and intoxicating.

Jo Malone London Tasting Notes:
Top: Lavender Accord
Heart: Myrrh
Base: Tonka

Vetiver & Golden Vanilla Cologne Intense

Bountiful, delectable, golden.

The coast of Madagascar, rich with orchid-filled jungle and green fields of tall grass.

With no native bees or hummingbirds around to pollinate their delicate, yellow-green blossoms, each individual flower is pollinated by hand –a practice that survives among the community farmers supplying the vanilla beans that provide the raw material for the base of our fragrance.

Rich and sensual Vanilla Bourbon is balanced by remarkable and rare Vetiver Bourbon. Sourced from Madagascar’s north-eastern shores: the precious harvest of exotic orchid vines first introduced to the island in the 1800s. From the warm soil of Madagascar, vetiver emerges, its earthy depths warmed by vanilla bourbon with an aromatic touch of lavender. Bountiful and delectable.

Jo Malone London Tasting Notes:
Top: Cardamom
Heart: Vetiver Bourbon
Base: Vanilla Bourbon

Jo Malone London Scent Pairing

Jo Malone London scents are all designed to be worn separately or layered together in a number of compelling combinations. Create your own bespoke scent and enjoy the fun of mix and match with our signature Scent Pairing, layering different scents to create a combination that is uniquely yours—whether to compliment different moods or to create delightful ambiances.

Recommended Scent Pairings with Cologne Intense

Cypress & Grapevine x Dark Amber & Ginger Lily

The deep and charming cypress together with the sensual accord inspired by entwined grapevines, joint with the mysterious black amber and wild ginger scent. Combing the earthiness of moss with delicate floral of black orchid, layered together into a unique and charming woody scent. Sensual, seductive, and fascinating.

Oud & Bergamot x Velvet Rose & Oud

When Oud & Bergamot meets Velvet Rose & Oud, warm citrus woody notes dance with the floracly of Damask rose, wrapped in the smoky depths of oud, velvety and mellow. A perfect harmony of floral, citrus and woody notes. Alluring and charming.

Recommended Scent Pairings with Jo Malone London’s Most Loved Scents

English Pear & Freesia x Dark Amber & Ginger Lily

Dark Amber & Ginger Lily blends with English Pear and Freesia, adding mystery to the classic delicate sweetness of English Pear with a smoky depth. The metamorphosis of a sweet girl to an alluring, elegant lady dressed in all black. Irresistibly sensual and charming.

Cypress & Grapevine x Wood Sage & Sea Salt

Add a spritz of delicate Wood Sage & Sea Salt to the aromatic of Cypress & Grapevine. The refreshing ocean breeze brings an evergreen aroma mingling with the woody earthiness of sage. The fresh scent of cypress trees and earthy moss add an air of verdant mystery, creating a distinctive and calming character.

Transform Any Space into an Alluring and Mysterious Landscape

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Elevate your daily pampering rituals with Cologne Intense Bath & Body Collection. From refreshing mornings to indulgent nights, create a moment of escape with luxurious scents. Gently cleanse the skin with Shower Oil, then moisturize with Body Crème afterwards. Developed to complement your favourite Jo Malone London fragrance for Scent Pairing, leaving you with a trail of bespoke aroma, surrounding you in sensuous, irresistible fragrance all day A unique fragrance that pampers the body with a touch of sensual luxury.

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