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Keep Your Manicure Fresh! | Top 7 Polishes for 2018

23 Jan, 2018

There’s something therapeutic about painting your nails while watching your TV show #NAILflixandchill. We’ve scoured all of Harbour City to bring you a list of the best nail polishes to keep your talons looking sharp. We present to you, our “Top 7 Polishes for 2018” with a handful of household names for a manicure that will last.


For the chemically-conscious, Beyorg’s Jinsoon nail polish is a “7-Free” product, meaning no harsh chemicals are used in its formula. Say goodbye to Formaldehyde, Toluene, DBP, Xylene, Parabens, Camphor and Formaldehyde Resin. Jinsoon was created in the United States and features high-tech polymers and resins that produce a polish that’s resilient to whatever you may encounter. Stop by in-store and see the various shades in person.

Christian Louboutin

From some of the most iconic shoes in the world to polish comes Christian Louboutin’s luxurious Rouge Louboutin Metalissime Nail Colour. For Louboutin himself, he maintains an impressive array of objects from across the world. These objects sometimes find their way into the hands of friends to which Louboutin states, “I adore gifting gifts – the fact that I love the objects enough to buy them and that I lived with them confers on them a particular emotional value.” This approach serves as the inspiration behind Louboutin’s line of nail polish which features bold colours with a crystal-pearl finish. Give your nails the manicure it deserves and experience the shimmery and dynamic effect that dances under the flashing lights on a night out on the town.


Dior’s offerings go far beyond just their iconic take on fashion. Experience their sparking and vibrant tones courtesy of the DIOR VERNIS GLOW ADDICT collection. Choose your spring signature from amongst a soft burgundy Thrill, a bubble-gum Desire, a warm pink named Love and a black with a purply shimmer heart  that sparkles in the sun. 


Guerlain’s polish collection screams luxury, creating fragranced colour with a beautiful shiny texture. The finish ensures your nails are the star of the show with an added surprise, a subtle and sweet fragrance with accents of red berries and petals. The special resin ensures a coat that’s supple enough to resist chips and cracks for a long-lasting manicure.



Lancôme’s Le Vernis is a combination of form and function. Beautiful colours combined with a multi-polymer context that ensures a hardwearing and shiny finish. The easy-to-apply polish produces a shiny coat that reflects light, all with a quick-drying formula. The fool-proof brush ensures each stroke is perfect and smooth. See the collection in person to find out what all the hype is all about.


Choose your style and create the perfect set just for you. Select your plates, colours and stamper! Whatever the style you’re looking for, MoYou Nail Fashion has got it! MOYOU’s nail art made easy with fashion focused stamping plates and on trend polishes. 


RMK released a collection of five fun colours that are a bit more adventurous. Try something different and reach for one of RMK’s shades the next time you sit down for a manicure. Choose from a melted caramel-inspired beige and stunning green, to a juicy orange, because RMK is about having fun with your nails.

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